Friday, July 13, 2007

Thanks FortWorthology

I want to think FortWorthology for the plug today. If you didn't find this site through FortWorthology, I recommend that you check it out. Anybody interested in New Urbanism, preservation of historic buildings, or a general concern/interest in what's going on in FW should bookmark the site.

I'll work to keep this blog updated and interesting. I would like to invite anybody checking this place out to share (especially mexican places) their favorites with me.

There's also an issue I need to address that a friend pointed out to me about the scope of this blog. The main focus will be hole in the walls (HITW) in Fort Worth but obviously there is a difference of opinion about what this means. Some people might consider Fuzzy's Tacos a HITW and some might not. To accommodate all, the scope is fairly broad. I would consider places on the scale of The Original, Fuzzy's, 4 Star Coffee Bar, The Paris Coffee Shop, and Ol' South to be included in the HITW coverage. Along with identifying small HITWs, I would also like to recognize some of the many local restaurants that make Fort Worth so unique and really show off the city's flavor (if you will).


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