Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, I have to admit, until the other day, I had never been to Fred's. But, I finally made it over to the fauxdive and had myself a $9 burger and fries.

Despite the undertones of that previous sentence I actually really liked the burger. It is apparently one of the few places where they'll cook your burger medium-rare. If health inspectors are reading this, I mean medium-well. The burger was good, the guy at the bar that ignored me for most of my meal was mildly helpful and quite fitting with a dive. Overall it was a good place.

For me, the price was a bit steep for the burger and fries, but they have some sexy options available for those who want to try something different. For instance, you can get bleu cheese on your burger. Of course the calling card of Fred's, is that beer goes to the happy hour prices when its raining.  That's $1.90. Those of you who were around in June and July this year must have had a great time up there.

I really need to get to Kincaid's and Tommy's soon so I can accurately compare, discuss, and then be berated by my three viewers who disagree. Just kidding, I think this blog gets about 100K hits a week...

Enough lying. Fred's = Good Burger. On the faux dive thing. I know the restaurant has burned down a few times so it obviously wont look like an old place, but a bleu cheese burger and $13 for a burger, fries, drink and tip almost bumps this out of the dive range. What will keep it there are the employees who are definitely dive restaurant guys. They're cool, laid back, and they get you what you need and let you enjoy your meal.

I've heard this is also a great place to go when they have live bands. Also, with the new development going on to the west of this area, Fred's will make a great contrast that really compliments Fort Worth's whole image (IMO). You'll have old style burger dive next to snazzy new shopping. I like that.


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Molly said...

Fred's is a bit pricey, but I keep going back...damn good burgers, and the tacos kick ass too.

It IS a great place to sit outside and listen to the band too!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Now that I've been back a few times and just ordered the fred burger with a drink, its much cheaper. But if you order any other burger it does get pricey.

With this extended fall, I've really started to enjoy lunches outside with a fred burger.

David said...

Hey, I noticed you have NOTHING East of I35W??? WTF? There is a whole nother world over here...especially in the world of NE Tarrant County and north of I-820 North... getchusum.