Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Palermo's Italian Cafe

Note:  Since this review was published, Palermo's shut down.  Mamma Mia (the same one on Race Street) has opened in this location and is BYOB.  Check back for the review of Mamma Mia on Magnolia.

I made it over to the Near Southside of Fort Worth and had the opportunity to try some Italian food at Palermo's. One of my friends is Sicilian and I know how passionate these people are about their food, but I'm not so I may be a softer critic. With that said, I thought Palermo's was a great little joint.

Palermo's is on Magnolia and has a great lunch menu. For $5.95 you can have a baked pasta dish, salad and bread. My date and I tried the manicotti and baked tortellini. The manicotti stuffing was really creamy and the salty flavor of the melted cheese on the top completed the dish. The baked tortellini was recommended by the waiter and it did not disappoint. The tortellini was stuffed with cheese and, just like the maniccoti, was baked in a delicious tomato sauce.

We also had the cannoli. The creamy filling was delicious, rich and had a nice hint of cinnamon. There were small chunks of chocolate in the cream and the cannoli was drizzled with a generous amount of chocolate. I have to admit that this was my first cannoli and I loved it. I intend to eat one every day for the rest of my life. Which will no doubt be shortened by this new pledge.

The restaurant, in my opinion, really fits in well with the Magnolia Street attitude and seems like a great place to take a date or a big group of friends and make an Olive Garden type commercial.

My only complaint is that its not BYOB. I wasn't interested in drinking at lunch but it would be nice to take a bottle of wine for dinner. They do have a wine menu though.

One final thing, all the staff I talked with had an Italian (Sicillian?) accent which really added to the ambience. Cool place. If for some reason my extensive twenty second google search missed that this is a massive chain, please call me out on it gently.

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Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful! thank you - we will have to check it out. how does it compare to, say, milano's on 7th?

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Anonymous said...

wondering if you ever travel east of downtown? it is hard for us in wonderful meadowbrook to find good food outside our homes...but italy pasta & pizza will suprise & delight you....give it a try someday! (and, of course..boogie burger...always mention boogie burger...)

Doohickie said...

So Palermo's has closed! :(

This was my favorite eatery on Magnolia.

I hear that Momma Mia's will be opening in that location soon. :)

I hope it's as good.