Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tacos Palenque

Note:  Since this review was posted, Tacos Palenque shut down.  If I find that they relocated, I will provide a new review so check back...often!

Cock Fighting anybody? Is that inappropriate language for my blog? Nah.

I made it out to Tacos Palenque on Belknap/377 northeast of Downtown FW. I only had breakfast up there, but they've got a good selection. The huevos con tocino (eggs with bacon) were great and came with some soft corn tortillas, beans, and a potato hash type side. It took about 20 minutes to get our food but how big of a rush can you be in on Saturday morning? The eggs had plenty of bacon and were great. The beans, well, you can't really mess those up and they didn't. The potato hash was something I had never had before but it was good.

My buddy had the migas and they looked great. He confirmed.

The chips and hot sauce are what everybody cares about so here's my review. The chips felt stale but were thick. So two days ago they may have been great. The salsa was wonderful. Spicy, not too thin, not too thick (I'm not a fan of the chunky). When breakfast came, the waitress also brought a green "hot sauce" as she described it to me in her best english. Thanks. Anyways, it sort of looked like cat diarrhea but tasted much better. It was spicy, warm and really tasted great with the eggs.

Oh, the cock fighting reference. In the main (only?) dining room, there is a giant mural of a cock fight. Pretty cool. Its seriously worth going just for that. There are also some items you can buy for your loved ones. So, mexican joint, art museum, and store. What a place.

If you want to go, its on Belknap just before you get to the Haltom City border past Race street.

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