Monday, October 29, 2007


I have been meaning to review Fuzzy's for awhile, but I keep putting it off until I can think of something unusual to say. I still don't have anything, but I'll tell you why you should make this place a regular destination...

Cheap Shiner Bock.

Seriously. $2.50 for a schooner.

But that's not all folks. They also have great tacos. Fuzzy tacos. Well, not exactly.

I have been a big fan of Fuzzy's ever since my first trip, when I tried a shredded pork soft taco and the garlic beef soft taco. Now I have found there is a location on Race Street and its less crowded as well as closer to me so I'm now even more in love.

So here's the deal. They have a menu, and I'm sure its full of delicious treats. But don't get off course. There is one thing you need to look for. The "Baja Tacos". You can get these crispy or soft, but if you get them crispy, I hear the staff laughs at your inability to make good choices in life.

My favorite choices are the tempura fish and garlic beef. They come in soft white corn tortillas, stuffed to the top with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, what appears to be shredded colby jack cheese (or monterrey and mild cheddar), feta cheese crumbled on top, and some garlic sauce. So its healthy and delicious.

First the meat. Whatever you get, its good. Unless they have chihuahua. I hear that's tough. But other than small dog, the meat (in my experience) has been ridiculously tender, well seasoned (but not over seasoned) and a perfect quantity for the taco. Second, the toppings. They are fresh, cool and crisp. No mushy stuff here. It's all very clean (not literally - you will leave dirty) but the flavors and quality are clean.

I have, on occasion, ordered the queso. It's a white cheese queso with a dollop of pico de gallo and shredded cheese that you can mix in. Honestly, I would save the money and buy an extra taco. Its good queso, I guess. It's creamy and flavored nicely, but seriously, its cheese. Get a taco and you'll also be healthier (with the exception of the lard infused tortilla wrapping).

If you really enjoy your tacos and want to try the "Butt Burnin' Sauce" you might as well throw your taco on the ground and step on it. Ok, that's an exaggeration and its just my opinion but I think the sauce on the table is bleh. I don't like it. I don't know why but I don't. But the tacos are so good that I don't feel the need to sauce them up. If I did, I would go with something other than that.

As I'm writing this I'm looking at the Fuzzy's menu. Wow, they have a lot of stuff up there. I'm not going to revise my earlier statements, but I would ask for any input from people who have tried some of the other items.

If you are considering going and you're near the Race Street location I would give it a shot. It's not very crowded and its in area that is sort of being revitalized. Service is quick and the food is cheap and good. For $8 and some change I had three tacos and a schooner of Shiner Bock. Really? How can you beat that?

They are also opening a location in Denton that will eclipse (in size) the two in our neck of the woods. If you were wondering, the other location is at University and Berry by TCU.

I am really glad that we have a place like this in FW. It's a cheap, casual place with great food, that you can show to out of towners. Then when they go back to Indiana or Idaho or wherever out of towners are from, they can say: "man, my FW friend took me to this place called Fuzzy's Tacos. I sure hope we get one here. Then they will reminisce and realize how poor of a decision they made by living in a place that isn't Fort Worth."

They probably ordered the crispy taco.

Let me know what you think if you've been there.

Note:  Since this review was posted, Fuzzy's has opened numerous other locations.  To locate them, use the google or bing.

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Anonymous said...

I love Fuzzy's too. Plus they are one of the few places you can order and pay for your food online and just pick it up when you get there without having to wait in line again to pay. Nice Web site at

Stephanie said...

I LOVE Fuzzy's! I always get the grilled veggie enchiladas with the baracho (sp?) beans. Mmmmmmm. So . . . good! I like the grilled veggie burrito, too, and the cheese enchiladas. I don't care for their sandwiches, though. Of course, why would you buy a sandwich at a place called Fuzzy's Tacos, anyway. I was obviously having an off day.

Zee said...

The Big Bowl Salads are the best. I love the garlic shredded beef one, but am wanting to try the grilled vegetable one next. Fuzzy's is one of my favorite places. I love their queso, though. Their poorest feature to me is their salsa.

JenniferL said...

In the words of Four Day Weekend: "We use feta cheese to confuse the Mexicans." And obviously to delight the palate! I usually only go to Fuzzy's with out of towners, but I wonder why, considering it's awesomeness. I order the crunchy tempura shrimp tacos most of the time and I'm never disappointed. I also tried the giant salad with the tempura shrimp and I will definitely be getting it again. The best part is that they put crumbled up tostada chips in there. (I need crunch to be happy!) I would love to try a different location though. I've only been to the Berry St. location and it's noisy. Far too many college punks.

Clay Aaron Clifton said...

My GF is coming into town this weekend and she wants to try Fish Tacos for the first time... Is Fuzzys the way to go, or should we go somewhere else? I need some advice.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Clay, Fuzzys is great for a casual meal with interesting people watching. I'd recommend the location on Berry by TCU. You could also consider Yucatan Taco Stand which has the same tacos but in a more upscale environment. It's not fancy, just fancier and more expensive. Yucatan could work as a decently nice evening date place. Plus they have really strong and delicious margaritas.