Sunday, November 18, 2007


After reviewing the comments on the ONG report, I decided a new post would be more appropriate than a responding comment.

I understand the desire to hide the best places and I figured that would be an issue. But I think there is another way to look at this issue. First, if you really like the place, then you probably would like for it to stay in business. Unless you plan on eating there until you die or the owner dies, you probably wont be keeping the place in business. So, spread the love, and let some other people pick up the slack when you can't make it to the restaurant for your weekly/monthly donation.

Second, if mom-and-pops/hole in the walls/dives make it here, and especially if they make it big, other people will be interested in trying their hand at starting a restaurant. We, as Fort Worthians will get new options, and maybe even more unique places. The owners of the really good places will be rewarded for their hard work, and the new restaurants will find an open and welcoming set of stomachs.

As an example, it was recommended that I try out El Asadero. I went there today at lunch time. There were two other tables with people at them. I certainly didn't keep anybody from eating. I also had a meal that will be getting a write up pretty soon. With ONG I understand because every time I've been there I have waited to order and to get my food. But to be fair, there are probably only 7 or 8 people that read this blog, so you're not really going to spoil anything.

Finally, and most importantly, I can't eat at a restaurant for every meal. I'm trying to keep my svelte figure. So when I do go out, I really need to make it count. We should make a deal. If you have a really good place, email me at Tell me if its a secret that you'd rather not share publicly. We'll work something out. Maybe I'll just say the name or just the general location. The Star-Telegram did an article on hole in the walls a few years back and they just gave the general area.

Also, to the anonymous poster commenting on the ONG article, thank you for the suggestions list. Those are all places that are on my list of destinations. It's just a matter of making it over there. In particular, I'm looking forward to Carshon's.

As I've said a few times, I really want to celebrate the great selection of places that are locally owned and unique to Fort Worth. At least help me out. Otherwise this blog will start featuring articles like: "I got my Baby Back at Chili's".


Steve said...

Locals read the blog. Locals go to these joints. When you start bringing in tourists, we'll have a problem....

ONG has a magnificent breakfast. I went with three of my co-workers the other day when we had A/C issues in our building. Great.

You need to go to the M&M Steakhouse on 28th. It's the ultimate hole in the wall. Many locals know of its existence, because the owner also owns Margies.

They ask you how much garlic you'd like on your steak, dress your salad with ranch out of a beer pitcher, serve frog legs and calf fries, and had a great jukebox until someone drove through the front of the place and ran it over.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Steve, you're my new favorite person.

You don't think this blog has national coverage yet? I do have almost 1500 hits...

So lets all agree. We'll keep sending the tourists to Joe T's and we'll share the good stuff with the locals. And in particular, the locals that care enough to google "Fort Worth Hole In The Wall"