Friday, November 9, 2007

Some BBQ Joint

Obviously Railhead and Angelos get all the credit as top BBQ joints in the Fort, but there are some other places that are worth going to, just so you can tell your son one day "I went to that place back when I was your age." Sons like that.

I don't know the name of the place, and frankly, it doesn't matter. In my opinion, and compared to Railhead, the chopped beef sandwich is okay. It's not bad, and considering you pay $5 for a sandwich and fries (that are good), its really not that bad of a deal. So, taking it for what its worth, I'd say its worth the trip. But not really for the sandwich. Its all about the ambiance.

This place is on Belknap and Oakhurst Scenic Drive. Its right there on the corner. You'll see it. There are lots of trucks and motorcycles out front.

The "clientele" are primarily men. That is probably because the waitresses are all wearing bikini tops and shorts. This is not why you should go there. In fact, judging by our waitress, this is a really good reason not to go. But, its the whole attitude inside. You've got guys who have just finished up a golf game, some men dressed up for work, people who have been working outside all morning and then me. The inside resembles that dive bar you probably went to in college. Plus, they serve booze there.

I don't know why I ever went in there in the first place but its probably the same reason I'll go back. To reconnect with my wild, rebellious, motorcycle dude side that I don't have.

Anyways, if you're looking for a good BBQ sandwich and the best fries in town (in my opinion) go to Railhead. If you're looking for a dirty place that you'll someday say, "I used to go there when I was younger" go to this place. Plus, its a cool place to go hang out and watch some games. There are a ton of flat screen TVs, and for some reason one of them shows a camera facing the parking lot....

Fun "fact" of the day... Despite being surrounded by feed lots full of cattle (I know because of the smell), Lubbock (IMO) has the worst selection of BBQ in Texas for a town it's size. Of the two best places, one is only open on Friday and the other is a bit pricey.

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Christian said...

Called "The Smoke Pit".

If you read the "Ft. Worth Weekly" (which I'm certain you do), you'll undoubtedly see the constant supply of ads from this joint letting you know they are seeking waitresses...and reminding you that BBQ aside, this is one joint you gotta keep in your lunch-dive portfolio.

BTW, the Shiners are cheap. Even for Ft. Worth, the schooners of Shiner are ridiculously cheap. And ice cold.


If you haven't already discovered Fernandos on Vickery, it might be a good mexican-for-breakfast choice. All locals, especially at the big round table up front near the TV, make this a place-to-know, too.


BTW, just stumbled upon your blog.

As a 'recent' transplant to Ft. Worth (and Texas, actually) -- 3 years ago (from the East Coast) -- I can say that my wife and I have spent all of our time here seeking out the hidden dining gems. Knowing your out there doing similar work on our behalf makes us very happy indeed.


One last recommendation (slightly out of town but great for an after-work drive one good looking Friday afternoon):

When you get time, head to Glen Rose...and keeping going west about 7-10 miles...until you spy the "Loco Coyote" sign on the right side of the road. Take that turn. Follow for about 3 miles. About an hour drive from the Panther City, but I'm guaranteeing you're going to love the experience, atmosphere, and food. The only disappointment is that they no longer allow you to bring your own cooler of beer. You can, however, buy plenty of it inside!

Thanks for your efforts to shine a light on some hidden gems. Will definitely keep subscribing!

Michelle said...

My cop friends LOVE this place. Obviously for the ambiance, not the food. They forced me to go once though. Upon walking inside I was relieved to find that I had unknowingly parked my car directly under the only (and stationary) security camera in the parking lot.

"Just the right side of trashy" is what I hear alot about this one.

Anonymous said...

The Smoke Pit has been around long enough to be the place the my Granddad had a few cold ones after work, in fact my dad tells me that my Grandma would have to call up there to get him to go home. It has since become one of my favorite hole in the wall joints for an ice cold beer after a long day.
But anyways, the sandwich isn't bad but next time try the pork chop lunch special on Fridays. It's about a 10oz chop, and if you don't get there by 11:30 you're SOL.