Monday, December 17, 2007

Rahr Brewery

I had a beautifully crafted, humorous post about the Rahr Brewery, its tours, and free beer on Saturdays. The event where the hippies, yuppies, bikers, homeless man, and me show up to enjoy the facilities.

Then I became concerned with my description and I feared that it might give some people the idea that it is a kegger and not a tour, followed by tastings of a selection of Rahr Beers. I would hate to give somebody the wrong impression. Particularly the TABC.

So, I will just say that everybody should go take a tour of the Rahr Brewery, and enjoy four free samples of some great beer. You may also purchase a commemorative glass and get four free larger beers. You can also buy BBQ by Longoria if you bring cash. If you don't bring cash, you can stare at the BBQ sandwich your friend eats in front of you. Jerk. Also, they don't always have food. And when they do, it may not always be pizza. But two weeks ago I saw a guy with a pizza there. So apparently you can get a delivery.

A note about the glass. If you walk in un-glassed, you receive four free small samples. However, if you purchase a glass, your four samples come in that glass. As a finance major, I know all about investments. This is an investment.

You're thinking, "why would I pay $5 for beer that I can get for free after a tour?" Because when the homeless guy walks by you with his Rahr Brewery glass that he paid $5 for, you're going to feel like a cheap, uncaring, small man.

So next time I'll purchase the glass.

Remember, you should not attend this event thinking it is just a party. A lot of people come, but I think they attend for the tour.

Come check it out for yourself on Saturdays from 1-3. I would give you directions but you would have a better chance of getting there by following a blind monkey. So I'll just post the Rahr Brewery link here and over there --->

Oh, and bring at least $4 for a BBQ sandwich and $5 for a pint glass. And remember, come for the tour, stay for the memories...or something sentimental like that.


Pete said...

But it IS also a party! We usually go to Perrotti's before we go so that we have some food on hand, although I have also stopped at any number of other places, including but not limited to: Rocco's, Spiral Diner, and many others.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I just don't want to get the Brewery in trouble and have everybody hate my blog.

The website says its open every saturday so I don't know if it includes this weekend, but if so, it would be a great place to take a house full of relatives (especially if you have a babysitter for the young ones).

hopenlaughter said...

Do you remember the cost of the tour? I want to try it out, but would like that small piece of information.

Mick R. said...

You pay 5 bucks for a Rahr glass and you get three free high quality beers and a tour.

This is an outstanding blog, btw. I've really enjoyed your reviews since I've stumbled onto this site.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Mick, thanks for the update on the entry price and thanks for reading.