Thursday, March 13, 2008


The BBBBQ eat off has begun. I wont reveal which places have been ranked yet but I will say that after my little run in with the Railhead I wont be allowed back. Get it? Because that guy (not me) ran into the restaurant. Poor guy. Is it too soon to joke?

I ate at Hui Chuan the other day. I'll have a review on that pretty soon.

As per Michael's (commenter, not everybody's favorite arts and crafts shop - yea beads!) request, I need to find some places with cheap lunches. How about some recommendations? His comment was spot on as to how some of us probably justify dining out at lunch - is the cost close to what my home brought lunch cost?

Another factor for me is whether or not my wife will realize I'm dining out all the time and thats the real reason I'm getting fat.

So let me have them. This wont result in a formal overall review like the BBBBQ-off, but it will provide some ideas for everybody. Remember, if you don't tell me and I find out about it, this trust we've developed will be destroyed. I'll have trouble opening up to you. Sometimes I feel like you shut me out and I wish you would just open up a litt...wait, the Big XII Basketball Tournament is on...can we talk later?

Look below for my new review of the Scat Jazz Lounge. I apologize for not eating there. But lets be honest, who wants to eat at a place called Scat?


JR said...

Okay, this isn't bbbbq, but have you tried Buffalo Bros yet? Next to Dutch's? Awesome pizza. Make sure to ask your server what the pizza slices they have that day are, and if they have jalapeno and bacon go for it. Okay, anything with bacon gets my vote.

And definitely get wings - the cajun are great but so are any of the basics.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Do they have a bacon flavored wing? Because I think that just be everything I've been looking for. I could die a happy man after that.

I haven't been yet but I've heard a lot of good things so it might be time to over there.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Michael Bourgon said...

Another place I just thought of... Rosebud's, on Rosedale. Last time I ate there, which at this point is 6 years ago, it was $3.25. That included an entree, 2 sides, a drink, and dessert. I haven't been in a loooong time - anybody know if it's still decent & cheap?

sandersonmom said...

I am going to have to say that if you haven't tried O'Jeda's in Dallas off of Maple & just haven't experienced the BEST Mexican food yet.

cdees39 said...

I think Rosebud's is closed? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

rosebud's is open. they just moved the parking lot due to the widening of Rosedale. Has anyone tried the Mexican place across from them on 8th in the old Diamond Shamrock building? Also, I remember my Dad taking the family to the Good Luck on Rosedale for burgers when I was a kid. Anyone been there lately?

cdees39 said...

Lunches-- Thai Tina's has lunch plates for $5.95. Do you work near downtown?

Michael Bourgon said...

cdees - yes, I work near downtown - but $6 is over my limit. Even without tip, it's $6.50. Do you need to tip?

I did come up with another idea: Bailey's BBQ, downtown. Food's not amazing, but it's $4.40 for the special, or $5.40(?) with a sandwich, chips, and a drink.

We did El Asadero the other day - $5.86. Without tip.