Thursday, April 3, 2008

Roy Pope Grocery Store

Need groceries AND lunch? There's only one place in the world that offers both... Well, the only place that offers both and serves as a small local neighborhood grocery store on less than two acres of land (maybe less than one) and served me lunch.

The Roy Pope GS is Just north of Camp Bowie on Merrick Street. The website says its gourmet and its not just a gimmick.

Based on the recommendations of numerous people, and my discovery that Edmondson's Fried Chicken appears to be closed (maybe Edmondson is hunting the famed Yucatan Chicken with Richard), I went to lunch at the Grocery Store. I know, I know "Fort Worth Hole in The Wall guy, you can get lunch at any grocery store." That's true. But none of those places fall into the charter of this blog.

The grocery store is very small and very crowded in a pleasing way. There are lots of gourmet items everywhere and a deli/butcher/lunch food counter. By counter I don't mean that you can eat there so don't go here expecting to sit around and munch. This is a place you get your food to go - it is a grocery store after all...

The neat thing is, that while you're deciding what to eat from the hot food section, you can peruse the fruit/veggie section and pick up a little freshness for your lunch. You can actually make your lunch healthy, for a reasonable price. Now, of course, nobody opts to do this on purpose, so skip the fresh stuff and head straight to the lunch line.

The day I was there, they had Fried chicken, chopped BBQ, meatloaf, some sort of steak, and lots of other entrees. They also had scalloped potatoes, green beans, turnip greens, mashed potatoes and some other stuff. I went with fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, wheat bread, and a complimentary tasting of the chopped beef.

The fried chicken wasn't your normal fried chicken with the tight fried batter. The batter was loose and crusty and airy and flaky and delicious. I think I got three pieces of white meat and it was a teensy bit dry but still had wonderful flavor. The green beans were just as you would hope - flavorful, warm, juicy. The scalloped potatoes were much better than I expected. They had a little bit of texture to them but were soft, creamy, and cheesy.

Seriously, if that description didn't make you hungry, either you're reading this as you finish your eighth trip trough the line at Golden Corral or you hate food.

I think this place has a lot of promise if you are working in the yard one day and need a break for lunch but don't really want to sit down somewhere, or if you just need a bite and you have to be somewhere. The service was quick and friendly. The food was fresh and delicious. And you didn't support a chain.

If I lived in the area near Roy Pope, (his Grocery Store, not his house) I would probably go here a lot. The store seems to have a wide variety of items (though maybe not a wide variety of options for each item), sells beer and wine, and has easy access.

I'm a fan now. My work allows me to take lunch breaks, but sometimes a quick lunch is all I need/want. This will fit the bill. I know its just a grocery store lunch, but it gets extra points for being a small local grocery store. Plus, it was good.

The BBBBQ was also very nice but chopped beef isn't part of the contest. They'll get mentioned though. By very nice I mean that I would order a chopped beef sandwich without regret. I just thought of a brilliant plan for a saturday lunch - chopped beef sandwiches, some side, and beer. Brilliant. I should open a restaurant.

The BBBBQ Review period is wrapping up so if you have any last minute recommendations please get them in. I think we'll make the final trip next week so send them in soon.


cdees39 said...

I think they have seats outside?
I believe they also have charge accounts.

Transplante de Cabelo said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like spam, yet the page linked to by trans is in some other language and isn't obviously spam. Odd.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I'm so confused.

Cdees, I don't know how I missed the seats outside. Are they on the parking side or the Merrick side?

The charge accounts thing is cool. How do you set that up?

A hug to you too.

simeon said...

we just went here yesterday for the groceries...a little disappointed. it's no whole foods or central market. veggies don't look all that fresh and theres a really small selection. the rest of the goods in the store kind of remind me of the food section at a walgreens or CVS. the one thing great about it is that it's local and you're pumping money back into the local economy.

Anonymous said...

told you so (again).
they also deliver groceries. in boxes. the concrete tables are on the side by the park.
simeon-it isn't supposed to be a cmkt. it has been here for quite a while as a neighborhood grocery store.