Monday, May 26, 2008

Texas Road Trip

As promised (albeit late) I have compiled a list of restaurants from across the state that I believe are worthy of mention. Since we're into summer and its road trip season, I thought these places would be good places to stop on those long drives. Plus, many of them are cheap so you can afford gas. I would like to thank my dad and friends who helped me remember the places we've been or helped provide me with restaurant reviews. I have eaten at almost every place on this list and if I haven't eaten there, one of my helpful reviewers has eaten there.
Try these places out and let me know if you like them. If you know of any other places that I missed, please let me know.
I'll have a review of La Playa (in the Playa Maya family) in a couple days.
  • Joe Allen’s BBQ and Steaks, 301 S. 11th St - New location, same great BBQ & Steaks. Rib-eye is the steak to order. Priced by thickness. The old location was a “Hole”, but unforgettable. The new one still works though because...lets be're in one of the state's holes...just kidding Abilene - I love you. Joe Allen's Catering / BBQ on Urbanspoon
  • Lytle Land and Cattle Co., 1150 E. South 11th St. - Good steakhouse, Big steaks and lot’s of extras.
  • Lytle Land & Cattle Co on Urbanspoon
  • Harlow’s Smokehouse, 2002 N Clack - Great BBQ and Burgers. Built around a group of railway cars. Near Dyess Air Force Base, lot of aviation stuff around the restaurant.
  • Bee Hive Restaurant, 517 Hwy 180 - One of the greatest steakhouses in Texas (Texas Monthly). Owned by two Iranian brothers. This is truly a great place to eat. The US Government has officially declared it treason to not eat here.
  • Fort Griffin Beehive Restaurant & Saloon on Urbanspoon
  • Ice House Restaurant, 200 S. 2nd St. - Great Restaurant on side street of old courthouse. Great burgers, CF steaks and steaks.
  • Ice House Restaurant on Urbanspoon
  • The “Old Jail Art Center”, a World Class Art Museum. This gem of a museum is housed in an old jail built in 1878. Collection includes Modern, Contemporary, American, European, Oriental and a Sculpture Garden. Artist include: Picasso, Thomas Hart Benton, Renoir, Miro, Henry Moore and Taos Contemporary. Albany has some people with big money around it so dress to the Cowboy nines (bolo tie, white suit, white felt hat) and get a steak and some culture.
  • Leal's - This is a very small regional chain with the original in Muleshoe and the people up in this part of the world swear by it. Except they don't swear because they're Baptist.
  • Leal's Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon
  • Big Texan - Yeah I know, but you have to take people here especially those out-of-staters who seem to have all sorts of goofy stereotypes of us down here. Take them there and swear up and down (unless you're Baptist) that we all eat at places like this everyday. Remember, devour your cow, shrimp, potato, salad, and dignity in an hour and you get your picture taken.
  • The Big Texan Steak Ranch on Urbanspoon
  • There is another mexican place that my friend couldn't remember the name of, but he gave such a good description, I had to include it - "actually in someone's house in a ghetto neighborhood, with enchiladas so greasy you literally felt your colon explode an hour later." I can already taste the colon shrapnel.
  • Magnolia Cafe - South Congress - This is one of my favorite places in town. Its a breakfast/lunch/dinner diner, except that on some nights they have special menus with gourmet cooking. Either way, its delicious. Their pancakes and queso are apparently the big draw but I've loved everything I've had there. Plus, its where lots of hippies hang out, so its fun to watch people. Hippies and me.
  • Magnolia Cafe South on Urbanspoon
  • Salt Lick - This is technically in Driftwood, but nobody would recognize it under that town listing. Its on FM 1826 and to be honest, you should check the website if you're headed out there. Great BBQ and a wonderful location.
  • The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon
  • Katy's - Its on the road that isn't 377. This little town between Brownwood and Comanche has two things - Katy's and the junk store next to it. This is a great local place where you get the standard salad bar, a big pile of steaks and looks from everybody else if you fail at looking local.
  • Hard Eight BBQ, 2010 S. Bridge - Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Links, 1 ½” Pork Chops, Sirloin Steaks. All priced by weight. All the beans, sauce, bread are included. Potato salad, cole slaw and corn on the cob are extra. Great cobbler. You’re served at an outside pit, then go inside for everything else. Great place. This used to be a different place and then Hard Eight began its dominatino of pit BBBBBBBQ places. I still love this place more than some people I know.
  • Hard-Eight Pit Bar B Que on Urbanspoon
  • Don't forget to hit up the World Championship Goat Cookoff on Labor Day Weekend. Billions of pounds of goat meat are BBBBQ'ed and served to you. You can literally eat your weight in goat.
  • Humphrey Pete’s, 102 Early Blvd. - Great place located on the edge of Pecan Bayou. CFS, Rib-eyes, Seafood, Bar and great atmosphere.
  • Humphrey Pete's on Urbanspoon
  • Turtle Restaurant, 514 Center Ave. - Best Fine Dining restaurant within 100 miles. Great food and service. You’ll drive out of your way to dine here the second time. This statement is meant both figuratively and literally. There is no way to go to Brownwood without going out of your way.
  • The Turtle on Urbanspoon
  • Gomez Mexican Restaurant, 716 W. Commerce (Hwy 67 toward Bangs). Good old standby Mexican food. Family owned. You know its good because this location held 15 different restaurants before this one came along. It has been around for years and has maintained its crowd.
  • Gomez Restaurant on Urbanspoon
  • Section Hand Steakhouse, 4412 Hwy 377 S. (Brady Hwy) - “Big Food” served here. Steaks and more Steaks… Sirloin for 10! Big Salad Bar with everything on it. Just like a lot of these places, order steaks for about four people less than your total group. They'll bring out a pile of meat and you can laugh at all the people with shorter stacks.
  • Lemon’s BBQ & Steaks, 3202 Coggin Ave. - This is not only a good place for BBQ and thick steaks, it’s also true Hole-In-The-Wall. Seriously, sit to close to the walls in the winter and you'll catch pneumonia.
  • Section Hand Steak House on Urbanspoon
  • Los Nortenos - Mexican food in the dumpy part of Bryan that they're restoring to make it a nice part. That's the downtown area. Great Mexican food with wonderful breakfast burritos and enough ambiance to fill three Chili's.
  • Los Nortenos Mexican Cafe on Urbanspoon
  • Must Be Heaven - I think this is an antique store with a restaurant, so I'm not sure how I fell into this place, but its great. Sandwiches on fresh made bread, homemade soups, pies and iced tea. Plus, if you go weekly like I did, Flo will take good care of you, Sugar/Hun.
  • Must Be Heaven on Urbanspoon
Buffalo Gap
  • Perini Ranch Steakhouse, BG is too small too have street addresses so just ask. Perini feeds George W for many of his special events in Texas and Washington. Truly one of the best steaks you’ll ever eat. And if you go and see the President there, you get to switch jobs with him for one day. Its law - I know because I'm a lawyer.
  • Perini Ranch Steak House on Urbanspoon
  • Deutschlander Freshwater Catfish - Just like Perinis - just ask for the location. Good place for fried catfish, hush puppies and a big glass of tea. President's not allowed.
  • Deutschlander Freshwater Cat on Urbanspoon
  • There's only one reason to stop here and there's only one time. The Kolache Festival in September. They give away billions of Kolaches to undernourished visitors. You can eat your weight in Kolache.
  • Sammy’s Restaurant, 202 Hwy 90 E. - Great family place. Waitress have probably been there 40 years or more. Excellent breakfasts, real biscuits/real gravy. Lunches with dessert and tea. Good place to stop if you’re south of San Antonio.
  • Sammy's on Urbanspoon
College Station
  • Koppe Bridge - For the best burger in town you have to go here. Seriously - it was voted the best burger in town. There are two locations - the original shack on the south side of town and the sell-out building with structural support and sheet rock and plumbing (next thing you know, they'll be showing MTV). The basket with a cheeseburger and fries will do your body good.
  • Koppe Bridge on Urbanspoon
  • Chicken Oil - One of the most highly rated places amongst my Aggie friends. Burgers, grease, fries, grease, drinks, and some grease. The place has the ambiance of a place that belongs in College Station. Imagine the Chicken (Dixie Chicken, not Chicken Oil), but without the sweet Northgate location...and better food.
  • Chicken Oil Co. on Urbanspoon
  • Dixie Chicken - Sometimes you just have to eat at a place that you know you'll end up staying at for hours while drinking too much. This place is where you go for that. The Chicken, as its affectionately called is the Aggie Bar. Its where every Aggie must take you for fear of losing their rings and being forced to have an "Aggie-Ex" sticker put on their truck. Its that serious. And its that awesome. If you go to College Station and don't go here, you might as well give up in life - you've already made too many poor decisions.
  • Dixie Chicken on Urbanspoon
  • Layne's - A place with chicken tenders as their specialty made this list? Yeah. But its because of the pepper sauce that comes with it and because I'm tired of hearing people go on about the chain that serves similar food, nearby. This is a great go-to place for those visiting CS and looking for some good food. They also have the slogan "Soon to be famous chicken fingers". So get their soon, they've only been working on this for decades.
  • Layne's Chicken Fingers on Urbanspoon
  • StarBeau’s - 134 W. Center (Hwy 377) - Good steaks, the best homemade pies and good prices. Beau, the owner, runs kind of a small staff…him and usually one waitress. The food's good and the crowd is mostly locals. Bring your own wine and enjoy.
  • Starbeaus on Urbanspoon
  • Los Juanes, 505 S. Austin - Good Mexican Food...made by a Hispanic guy and his family. Menudo to enchiladas, it’s all good. Say Hi to Juan for me, if you can catch him when he's open. I think he's open about six hours a week now. Good luck!
  • Yumm’s Restaurant, 112 N. Austin - UPDATE - Closed - A good little restaurant for fine dining in Comanche. Only problem is that they're only open for lunch and sometimes on Saturday evening. If you can catch them open, try it!
  • Yumm's The Word on Urbanspoon
Corpus Christi
  • Whataburger - Its not the original but its the flagship, so you've got to go there.
  • Whataburger on Urbanspoon
Cross Plains
  • Jean's Feed Barn - Hwy 36 - They have food here - yawn. Skip food. Get pie. Just like any good small town cafe should do it - all homemade pies. I would recommend them all but the coconut cream pie seemed to be the standout. Also, don't forget to tip. Long story short - didn't tip on friday and they weren't pleased to see me again on sunday. It was an accident so we made up for it.
  • Jean's Feed Barn on Urbanspoon
  • Sands Restaurant, 314 Liberal - Real good place if you’re ever lost in Dalhart. CFS, CFS (salmon), Steaks, fried chicken, real gravy…I’m getting fat just writing this! They have a motel there if you need to sleep off all the great fried foods they have.
  • Sands Restaurant on Urbanspoon
  • Highway 6 Café, 432 W. Navarro (Hwy 6) - Where all the locals go for breakfast. Pull into the parking lot and park your truck (you do drive a truck, don’t you!), and join in with the crowd.
  • Highway 6 Cafe on Urbanspoon
  • Rollie’s on Texas, 341 S. Texas - Drive-in with good breakfasts and burgers. Special treat is the homemade donuts in the morning.
  • Rollie's On Texas on Urbanspoon
  • Peach and Melon Festival - This annual event occurs the first weekend of August. Besides the obvious theme, the real draw is the tractor pull. All sorts of tractors pull heavy loads and try to outdo the others. But I'm not sure what is better entertainment - the tractor pull or the people watching. Plus, they have billions of tons of peaches and melons. You can literally eat your weight in peaches and melons.
Del Rio
  • Don Marcelinos # 3, 3710 Veterans Blvd. - Wonderful place for Breakfast Tacos and lunch. Real Mexican Food as you would expect from a place on the border. Del Rio is on the border, in case you didn't know.
  • Don Marcelino Restaurant on Urbanspoon
  • Cripple Creek Steakhouse, go West on Hwy 90, 6-8 miles, on the right before you get to the lake. Great steaks for border country.
  • Cripple Creek BBQ on Urbanspoon
  • And of course while you're in Del Rio, you've got to cross the border to Acuna and hit up Crosby's and have a beer or margarita while thinking of George Strait. Go caddy corner across the street and see where Antonio Banderas filmed Desperados. While you're in the area, go across the street (back to Crosby's side) and have another beer. Then get a few more. Then go eat at Dos Tacos Grill or something like that. You'll never find it, but if you do, its awesome.
  • Dairy Queen, 803 Patrick - I know, how could you ever list a dairy queen! But this DQ is above the bar for DQ’s. Everything is fresh, and sometimes they have items not found on the regular DQ menus. Like Red Beans & Rice with Corn Bread. If you’re in Dublin, It’s your best shot. Also, go visit the Dr Pepper Museum.
Elm Mott (N. of Waco, 1-35)
  • Heitmiller Family Steakhouse, 1-35 - A gem of a place. Great food, family owned and operated. When you come in, you’re given a menu that you mark what you want to eat and how you like your steak cooked. Lot’s of food and good service.
  • Heitmiller Steakhouse on Urbanspoon
Fort McKavett
  • Fort McKavett Store, Just south of the San Saba River, FM 864 - When you drive up and look at this place…you may want to leave! Rough, old, hole-in-the-wall. Drink a beer with the local ranch hands or the oil/gas men (roughnecks). Sometimes they even have food! BMW, Lexus people might want to pass.
  • ZJ’s Steakhouse, Downtown - A great little Steakhouse in a very small town (6 man football). Good food and good service. Lot’s of locals.
  • Texas Nutt House Restaurant, On the Square (NE Corner) - UPDATE - may be open under a new name - A wonderful fine dining restaurant located in an 1890’s grand hotel. They have had a number of operators through the years (Grady Spears for one), if you go, call ahead for reservations.
  • Niester Restaurant and Deli, 4426 E. Hwy 377 - German Deli, great sandwiches and wonderful meat market. Take home a mini-cured ham or take home a few of their Rib-eyes to cook on the grill. Niester's Restaurant & Deli on Urbanspoon

    If you haven’t been to Granbury, Go! There are so many good restaurants around there Historic Square, you’ll need a number of trips to enjoy them all.
  • Dinner Bell, 520 W. Main - UPDATE - Closed - Great Breakfast Place. Lot’s of locals, watch out for Garland.
  • Storm’s Drive-In, 923 E Main - Great family owned place. Great burgers, onion rings and malts. Routinely rated as one of the best burgers in the state. And I'm not talking about that frou-frou Texas Monthly rating system where everything in Uptown Dallas and Austin get slobbered over while the rest of the state suffers.
  • Storms Hamburgers on Urbanspoon
  • Circle T Ranch/Crossfire Restaurant, 6-7 miles W. on Hwy 36. - This entire operation is amazing. Great Restaurant, Exotic Game Ranch, Conference Center, World Class Equestrian Arena and a Hotel. This place has a beautiful upper deck Patio with Bar overlooking the swimming pool. Steak are very good and service is always great. Also, watch out for Garland.
  • Crossfire Cafe on Urbanspoon
  • Koffee Kup Restaurant, Hwy 6 @ Hwy 281 - This place used to be named the Koffee Kup Kafe. This was rumored to be a Klan breeding ground or whatever they call their meeting places. Great place for any meal and they have the best homemade pies... if you're white. Stop by and drink some Koffee with the locals (pick-up required). In all fairness, they have changed the name and worked hard to rid themselves of their past linkage.
  • Koffee Kup on Urbanspoon
  • Hermann Son’s Steakhouse, 577 Hwy 90 E. - Great steak place. Big steaks and Big CFS with real gravy. And catch the sign as you enter Hondo "This is God's country so don't drive through it like Hell".
  • Hermann Sons Steak House on Urbanspoon
  • Star Pizza - This is one of my all time favorite pizza places in the world. The location I ate in was a two story old building that looked like a house. It reeked of awesome.
  • Star Pizza (The Heights) on Urbanspoon
  • Nit Noi - My Aunt introduced me to this place and I introduced dozens of other people. I think its a Thai place and it had delicious everything. They are still open and your friends will be impressed that you know of a place as hidden as the original.
  • Nit Noi Thai on Urbanspoon
  • Isaack’s Restaurant, 1606 Main St. - Great breakfast place and good steaks.
  • Isaacks Restaurant on Urbanspoon
  • La Familia Restaurant, 1923 Main St. - Real solid Tex-Mex place. Lunch and dinner.
  • La Familia Restaurant on Urbanspoon
  • Kerrville Folk Festival - This event occurs at the end of every may, extending into june. Three weekends and the two intermingled weeks create a hippie fest so grand that Jerry Garcia would cry hemp filled tears. Thousands of hippies, gypsies, yuppies and mes go out to watch folk singers discuss whatever is on their mind and sing sometimes. With the exception of last year and this year my dad and I have been going to this for about ten years and we love it. Excellent people watching and excellent hippie food.
  • Spurlocks - Drive up burger joint with burgers so greasy that you can see them through the wax paper they wrap them in. Order a double with cheese, an order of fries, an order of onion rings (yeah, I said both), and a milk shake. Go to the park and eat these while you die. You'll thank me when I join you in heaven. The place is so good that my friend from this area has them in his cell phone. With a speed dial number dedicated to them. You will too.
  • Spurlock's Super Dog Drive Inn on Urbanspoon
  • Cooper's - According to somebody this isn't the original pit bbq place but in my mind it is. Saturdays, from the spring to the fall, draw Harley riders from Austin and San Antonio, as well as yuppies who accidentally get lost on their antiquing tour.
  • Coopers Bar B Que Restaurant on Urbanspoon
  • Lairds - This place has been awarded best bbq by Texas Monthly. I mean, thats not a favorable review from FortWorthHoleInTheWall, but I guess its something. It is good, but its not the pit bbq experience you see at Coopers so be warned. It gets points for an awesome old porch.
  • Laird's Barbeque & Catering on Urbanspoon
  • Johnny Cace’s Seafood and Steakhouse, 1501 E. Marshall Ave. - Probably the best seafood you’ll ever eat. Opened in 1949 and is still family owned and operated. Gulf crab, shrimp, gumbo and fresh Gulf fish. I’ve been here many times and have never had a steak, the seafood is just too good!
  • Johnny Cace's Seafood & Steak House on Urbanspoon
  • Lowake Steakhouse - East of San Angelo off of Hwy 67 and south of Rowena on FM 381. Got an airplane? Fly in and land on there strip. I doubt they have lights on the runway but you're a good pilot right? Great big steaks and handmade onion rings. Out of the way, but worth the drive or flight. Plus, its in the middle of a cotton field for those of you that enjoy that type of thing.
  • Taqueria Jalisco - On Q and 23rd - The only place to go in Lubbock if you want to see where prison gang members eat when they get out. Plus, great carne asada tacos.
  • Taqueria Jalisco on Urbanspoon
  • 4 Bar K - East of I-27 on 82nd - Its only open on Fridays from 10-2 with bbq, sides and beer. For seven bucks. It used to be all you can eat and drink. Then it became two trips through the food line. Have fun with the angry guy serving food and don't even think of getting a new plate.
  • JC's - 19th Street, west of the loop - listen for the dogs - Yeah, this place is in front of a dog prison or some facility where they squeeze dogs to make them bark all the time. After an extensive review of Lubbock, this is the best breakfast burrito in town. If you order in spanish you get a little smile and probably a better burrito.
  • Gage Hotel - A renovated old hotel with a great little restaurant. This small town in west Texas is one of the last stops before you enter into the north end of Big Bend so you have to stop and load up on a good meal. Plus, you have to tour the hotel.
  • Ojeda’s Café, Hwy 83 @ Hwy 190, N. of town - If you’re in Menard, this is the place. Tex-Mex, no décor and nothing fancy, but good food.
  • Ojeda's Cafe on Urbanspoon
  • La Bodega - Somewhat of a nice place so it may violate the HITW category. Great food and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the Tall City. As my friend pointed out - its in Midland so it kind of gets HITW status on that alone.
  • La Bodega on Urbanspoon
  • Wall Street Bar & Grill - Want to be a big Wall St. player but can't stand to leave the oasis of west Texas? Go to the Wall St. Bar & Grill and throw out "buys" and "sells". You'll get kicked out and laughed at, but we'll all enjoy the story.
  • Wall Street Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon
  • Hitchin Post Steakhouse, 1301 Sheffield Dr. - Great Steaks, HITW-DELUX. When traveling the vast western part of our Great State, this is definitely a stopping point. But remember what you learned in Oregon Trail - if you stop too long, you'll never make it to Oregon before fall and you might die of tuberculosis.
  • Hitchin Post Steak House on Urbanspoon
  • Relay Station - Attempting to outdo the Big Texan, if you eat your large steak and sides in this east Texas shack, you get to sit on a throne and have your picture taken. Higher honors have not been seen anywhere else in town. There is also an orchard nearby that you can go pick your own fruits at. Steak is decent, but its the ambiance that makes tens of people drive out here every year.
  • Relay Station Restaurant on Urbanspoon
  • Holly's Hamburgers - Drive in or go in to eat. Get the spicy fries. Great food and its pretty cheap. Plus, if you look out to the south you have a great view.
  • Holly's Drive Inn on Urbanspoon
  • George's Restaurant - I'm not sure if this place is greek but it has that theme. However, their "chef" is a hispanic man who makes some great enchiladas and they're a great deal.
  • George's Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Rising Star
  • Cook's Fish Barn - Its actually south of Rising Star on Hwy 36, but Rising Star has no other places right now. This is an old chicken coop thats now a buffet fried chicken, fried fish, hush puppies and tea in a garbage can bundle of fun. Seriously, this is a fun place to go. The garbage can is clean - supposedly.
  • Cook's Fish Barn on Urbanspoon
San Angelo (all the local refer to it as “Angelo”)
  • Zentner’s Daughter Steakhouse, 1901 Knickbocker - Longtime Angelo steakhouse. Good steaks and service.
  • Zentner's Daughter Steak House on Urbanspoon
  • Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse, 2412 College Hills - A very good neighborhood place. Sushi and Hibachi Grill, Great food and service. I know, you're thinking - San Angelo and Sushi? Have you been? Then how can you question me? Just give it a shot.
  • Ichiban Japanese Steak House on Urbanspoon
  • Klemke's - This isn't really a restaurant - its a butcher/deli/processing shop for hunters. They sell turkey, buffalo, deer, elk, rat, dog, and tiger jerky (note: i'm lying about the last three). They've also got some great smoked sausage, summer sausage, and other meats. They also have concerts every once in awhile.
  • Klemke's Barbeque Joint on Urbanspoon
  • Sodolak's Original Country Inn - Hwy 60 - This is the place with the chicken fried bacon strips. According to an interview with the owner, some people get this as a topping for the CFS. Yeah, you want to go to Snook now don't you?
  • Sodolak's Original Country Inn on Urbanspoon
  • La Mexicana, 240 Hwy 277, N. - The best Mexican food around. The “Four Squares” has everything in the house on it. Lot’s of locals and lot’s of hunters. Pick-up not required, but helpful.
  • Sutton County Steakhouse, I-10 @ Hwy 277, NW Corner. - Good place for big steaks. Also a good place for breakfast.
  • Sutton County Steak House on Urbanspoon
  • Jake & Dorothy’s, 406 E Washington - Great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good steaks, pies, real biscuits and real gravy. Classic chicken fry is found here.
  • Jake & Dorothy's Cafe on Urbanspoon
  • Hard Eight BBQ, 1091 Glen Rose Rd. - Same as the Hard Eight in Brady. Great Food, closer location.
  • Hard Eight Barbeque on Urbanspoon
  • Starlight Theatre, Downtown - Fine Dining in a Real Ghost Town. Quick Silver (Mercury) Mining. Great food and the Desert Sunset is hard to believe. When you get to Terlingua, you’re a long way to anywhere so stop and eat.
  • Starlight Theatre Restaurant and Bar on Urbanspoon
  • New York Hill - Great chicken fried steak and you're on the hill in town overlooking the random museum to the east and the actual town of Thurber to your north. Pretty views and great food with old fashioned waitresses. Plus, its right on I-20 so its an easy stop with the family.
  • The Smokestack - This is your typical burger, fries, chicken fried steak place. Its so good, I actually saw a guy have a heart attack here one time. No kidding. Thats the mark of a loyal customer. Meaning, good food. He was ok. By the time the ambulance got to the restaurant he was dipping his iced tea in gravy and enjoying a refreshing meal.
  • Vasquez Restaurant, 601 W. Main - Good Tex-Mex place, lots of food and good service.
  • Vasquez Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Unknown City
  • Little Elm Cafe - I don't know the city buts its on 290, east of Austin and has chicken fried quail. It will be easy to find - its the only building around.


cdees39 said...

What a great list! I have a couple more for you, but must go look up the names. I just know where they are.

Anonymous said...


fullgrownburger said...

love the post and love your blog. this would be a few awesome road trips to take thru this great province of ours.

keep it up even if it hurts. when your friends, family and boss tell you to give up, dont do it.

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy.. but you can't forget Hula Hut in Austin.

PC Doctor said...

Perhaps I can add a few to the list. Forgive me if they have been cussed and discussed before.

- Jacksboro: Herd's Burgers. My absolute favorite burger joint

- Newcastle: Hole In The Wall 2 (aka Another Hole In The Wall) and The Bobcat Cafe.

- Graham: Kuntry Kitchen (formerly known as Old Town Cafe), Burgers and Billiards, K&N Root Beer

- Springtown: Howells

I second the H8 in Brady. A friend works there. They have a location in Coppell too. The jalapeno corn casserole is amazing.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Thanks for the extra suggestions. I can't believe I left out Jacksboro and Graham.

I also left out the Pflugerville Brauhaus. Its in old town Pflugerville and is a worthy place to stop.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support (fullgrownburger).

I struggled with whether to include hula hut or not and I ended up leaving it off because I originally intended to give no city more than two listings. I obviously screwed that up elsewhere.

Brandon said...

if you haven't been there, (and because it is not on your list, I assume you haven't) you must visit Mary's Cafe in Strawn. Chicken Fried Steak well worth the trip.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Brandon, I haven't been there, but my dad has. We had initially talked about it when he was offering suggestions but I guess I forgot to put it on the list. Thank you for the reminder. It's definitely a trip worth taking off of I-20.

Kyle said...

the unknown city is Called simply Elm Creek after that store, its between Manheim and Lincoln on Hwy 21 near the 290 intersection. You need to head on up to Lexington as its BarBQ joint was just named the best in Texas by Texas Monthly

Anonymous said...

For the love of god, take the Koffee Kup in Hico off your list!

If you're ever in Hico, just save yourself from heartache by going to Super S foods, buying some stuff to make sandwiches with and a Dublin Dr. Pepper. You'll thank me some day.

Anonymous said...

Next time you go to the panhandle you should go to...uhm...Panhandle (seriously). It is about 30 minutes North of Amarillo. There you will easily find Buffalo Grass Steakhouse which has the best steak I have ever tasted. said...

thanks for mentioning The Turtle Restaurant in your road trip review. Brownwood is both out of the way and in the middle of everything. We're 14 miles from the geographic center of the state which means, of course, that we are far from anything, thus we just are, we are here.

Not only is The Turtle out of the way, it is out of the way in Brownwood. We are downtown, not on the highway, right across the street from City Hall and well worth the visit.

We are called The Turtle because we serve slow fresh food. We have seasonal menus and we try to buy local meats and produce.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Anonymous, next time I'm in Panhandle, I'll check it out. It probably wont be soon though. Does it have staying power?

Turtle Restaurant - I have talked to more people who have great things to say about your place. I wish you all the best of luck and hope next time I'm in Brownwood I'll have time to stop by for a meal.

Thank you all for reading.

kes007 said...

Elm Creek Cafe isn't actually in a "city". It's four miles outside of Lincoln, Texas. It is not located in Elm Creek as one of the posters commented. I used to work there.

Anonymous said...

Smitty's BarBQue in Brownwood is far above the rest. Its a hole in the wall on North Austin Avenue but that is what makes it special. Brisket is out of this world & the homemade sausage is, too. Try it.Section Hand??Are ya nuts? Worst food I have ever had.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add Kudos to Little Elm Cafe. I ate there today and had very good chicken fried steak, fried okra and dewberry pie! After lunch was over, my friend's car would not start. The very kind staff went out of their way to jump our car and get us back on the road. Thanks again!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Thats what you get with hole in the walls, nice people. Do you think the manager at Applebees would help?

Glad you had a good trip and thanks for reading.

Falcon Gallery said...

I came across your blog, we are from Del Rio, and you mentioned some good places but these are more tourist landings than the best that are on my top list. First Mexican food, other than crossing over to Acuña is La Hacienda on Pecan in Down Town. Or Poncho's located on Ave G, great food, great prices. And if you are unsure what you like make it out to the Restaurant at Ramada. They have from daily buffet to burgers, Mexican, American. At the Lake you have to make it out to Rough Canyon for Hookers and have a great burger. So if anyone makes a trip to Del Rio, contact us and we can show you real authentic Great Eats in Del Rio, Texas. You can find us at 301 East Garfield Ave. Del Rio, Texas

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Falcon Gallery, thank you for the comments. Is Rough Canyon the new La Grange Chicken Ranch, or are hookers a type of food/drink?

lake tahoe said...

your post is great! i haven't been there but i plan to visit these places. i bet they're really great!Lake Tahoe Restaurant

Informed said...

Salt Lick is a tourist trap. If you know nothing about good BBQ and value the name over the food, go there.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Informed, thank you for the insightful comment. We've all come to an agreement here that nobody agrees on the best BBQ. However, I'd greatly appreciate your suggestion. And of course, now there are many more great places like Franklins, that weren't around when this was published.