Monday, September 1, 2008

Cafe Modern

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The Mrs. and I decided one Sunday that breakfast was in order. As we discussed where to go, time passed and lunch approached. But alas, we weren't hungry for lunch. What's a yuppie to do? Go eat brunch. And how do ultimate yuppies brunch? At the Modern Art Museum...but of course.

I'm actually watching Frasier right now to get in the mood to type.

We went to Cafe Modern after hearing numerous good reviews, including the one from frequent reader/commenter Stephanie, regarding the tiramisu pancakes. So off we dashed into the world of latte's, bellinis and Burberry carmats.

If you haven't been, Cafe Modern is inside the Modern Art Museum and overlooks the water and the new development at University and 7th. It's the prime place to plan your next shopping trip to Northpark. But let me tell you, even if you choose to purchase your dirty rags you call clothes at the gap or whatever hole you people shop at now, you can still enjoy Cafe Modern (although you'll no doubt ruin it for me).

We started off with a bread basket. For many people, this means buttered rolls. At Cafe Modern, this includes little muffins (we call them muffinnettes) and scones. Yes, the want-to-be-well-to-do eat scones at every meal. You should be so lucky. The Mrs. also had a mimosa. I wanted one of the flavored ones but was concerned about the impact on my masculinity. So instead I noshed on my scone and sipped my iced tea.

If you've been a reader for awhile, you're aware of the fact that I consistently out-order my wife. Unfortunately my streak has ended. Twice in a row, I have been out-ordered (Yucatan and Cafe Modern). I opted for the cuban sandwich with a side of soup. She opted for the tiramisu pancakes. I was wrong. She won.

The cuban sandwich was delicious and the soup (Caldo Gallego) may have tasted exactly like its supposed to. However, I can't imagine why anybody would intentionally make a soup that tastes like burnt. Just burnt. Creamy, orange burnt. I imagine it is what University of Texas alums drink before each game. The sandwich was fresh with nice crispy bread and was well proportioned. But it was brunch. I should never have ordered a sandwich at brunch. The ladies at the Junior League will be teasing the Mrs. about this faux pas for months.

She ordered the tiramisu pancakes. They did not come in a little tiramisu dish. But they definitely had all the right flavors. Plus it came with a side of bacon. So, obviously I lost on the side plate alone. How can anything beat bacon? The pancakes not only had good flavor, they were also fluffy and perfectly cooked (no burnt pieces). The pancakes also come with marscapone cheese (similar to cheddar, but with a completely different flavor, texture and smell) and kahlua syrup. It all made for a delicious meal which was perfect for a brunch time yuppie.

So, all in all, it was a wonderful meal that solved that problem of what to do when you've missed breakfast but aren't ready for lunch. And it gives us something to laugh about at our next coffee shop meeting, a la Frasier, Friends, Seinfeld, etc.

If you go, please let me know if there is something that's better than the pancakes. I need to catch up and out-order.

If you don't drive a volvo, let me know where you park so we don't run into each other. Those awkward moments at the door make it so difficult to stomach my meal. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

cheddar? are you kidding me? are you feeling ok?

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Many Italian-Americans consider cheddar the marscapone of America. I know an Italian guy. He told me. Well, he baked me a lasagna. But thats how they talk. In food.

I was kidding about the cheddar comparison.

But not about the Italian guy.

hope&laughter said...

I went here because someone recommended it from this site. Yup if your looking for a yuppie place to eat this would be a good place. I myself used to enjoy such things. Had the tiramasu pancakes since that was what was recommended and yeah it was interesting. If I had the money and the urge to eat somewhere nice I'd go back.

Jeremy said...

I went for dinner sometime last year and remember feeling two this good, and wow this was expensive! Maybe it was the wine though...

In all seriousness if you're looking for solidly good food in a very cool room this is your place. You do however have to deal with the seemingly snobby crowd. They may be nice folks, but I was content on being snobby the room could have been filled with normal people trying to act snobby. Oh yeah, the staff was really nice, I remember that too.

Stephanie said...

Woo-hoo! I'm glad you got your tiramisu pancakes. Now I want to go to Cafe Modern . . .

In my days as a baker at Central Market, I learned that marscapone is similar to cream cheese, only different somehow. I think maybe it's worth more yuppie points.

Alyse said...

You should visit Buffalo Bros. on University. It is styled after a regular restaurant in Buffalo, New York and has all the traditional items on a menu there! It is one of my favorite places to eat, most of the people who come in become regulars and the wait staff is awesome!

Michael Bourgon said...

1) Alyse: I've heard good things about it, too, but Dutch's is next door so it's hard to try going there. And both have the same problem - crappy parking options.

2) ALL: Deer Creek is back. FWWeekly has details, but it's in the Farmer's Market behind Ridgmar Mall (on Alta Mere, before the Jack-in-the-Box)

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Stephanie - great description of marscapone. Thanks for the recommendation.

Michael - thanks for the info on Deer Creek. I'll head over there soon.

Hope - when I get more money I'll be going back. Until then it will be brunch at 7-11.

alyse.m.lasley said...

Michael, We are much much better than Dutch's and a lot better priced. I promise! Parking in the back is pretty easy..but I agree that in general parking around TCU sucks. It'll get better when they build the parking garage.

Anonymous said...

well unless you wear banana republic, gap or other "waspie" clothing it seems like the service is less than friendly...couldn't even get eye contact with a manager let alone a "good bye" or "how was everything"...also our server had no clue about what was good she just said that alot of people order this and seemed was above average but the portions (shepards pie) was kind of a joke...hostess was slow and had no sense of urgency...seems like they treat certain people differently...just to clarify my wife is a doctor and im a chef and we have good taste in clothes but i guess its the lack of blond hair and blue eyes...hint hint...

Anonymous said...

agreed Anonymous we're from the SF bay area and it seem like they carry themselves like its a LA hot spot but get real this is Fort Worth...sad

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...


I told you to be careful about what you wear. But I think it all started wrong when you ordered shepards pie. How many Shepards died for your meal? Poor dogs.

I am sorry you had a bad experience though. And the Modern does tend to get a different crowd. Or maybe its just that when people go, they put on certain aires. We need a group of people to go into the modern in full cowboy getup and see how they fare.

Thanks for reading.