Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I feel so cliche in writing this review because I'm basically going to tell you everything you've already read about Lambert's, except I'll attempt to interject my lame sense of humor and it will end up being longer than necessary.

When I first read about Lambert's opening in the old location of Pedro's Trailer Park I was really excited. This self-imposed hype was based solely off its name - Lambert's: Steaks, Seafood and Whiskey. The name is cool and perfect for Fort Worth. Steaks trace to the Stockyards; Whiskey to Hell's Half Acre, and of course... Seafood from the Trinity.

But then the reviews started coming. Everybody agreed the menu looked good but that preparation and presentation were lacking. Lots of reviews noted that they were just shy of getting it right.

I was skeptical about going, but one day for lunch I made my way over there. The restaurant is on White Settlement between the Land Rover Dealership and Mercedes Boots. Which is convenient for those of you that drive Range Rovers and wear pointy toed red leather boots. That's not fair. I have a pair of Mercedes boots and they're Classic Cowtown Cowboy. If I can just get a Range Rover.

The menu at Lambert's looks terrific. The entrees, sandwiches, salads and everything else really provide some great options with a lot of variety. This alone really makes this a place to go because you can always get something different and laugh at your friends for always getting the same thing. You know those people. They go to Kincaid's and always get the burger....wait...

My meal was delicious. I ordered the Porterhouse Pork Chop with green chili grits. The pork chop was tender, perfectly cooked and seasoned and had very little trichinosis (I'm not a doctor, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express...thank you...I'll be here all night). It was served on a giant pile of green chile grits. I'm a fan of this new-age grit. This is what happens when southerners get out more. I can't wait for croissants and gravy. The only problem with my grits were that they had very little flavor. Maybe this was intentional. The texture was great but the flavor was very mild. I know a lot of restaurants intentionally shoot to underflavor....

I would also like to point out that the menu says the dish comes with apple walnut slaw. I think my plate had a spoonful of this so called slaw. It looked more like somebody else's food fell onto my plate. It tasted great, but there wasn't enough. Fix that Lambert.

But, the reason I say this review is going to be cliche is because everybody else had a small complaint about their food. The meat in the steak frites was a little overcooked. The vegetables with the Natural Smoked Chicken (chocolate chicken) were a bit dry. Lambert gives poor massages. Don't ask. And its a shame that these the complaints. Everybody loved their dish and the food, but all pointed out these little issues.

For the price, you don't really expect to have this many mistakes. And the sad thing is that none of the dishes were bad. None of the problems were meal killers. They were all just so obvious because of the price. If the meal was ten dollars cheaper nobody would say anything.

With all of that being said... I think the menu gives the diners so many options that you can try a number of cool items and hopefully the kitchen gets everything right. The restaurant has a really cool vibe and look and would be great for a date, a family, or a group of friends.

I will go back, but I really hope I don't have the same experience because Lambert's has great potential. Its worrisome that I have heard the same stuff from numerous people though.

Give it a chance and let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Lambert's is a great spot. luckily they got some better wine by the glass-rodney strong, the wine before was horrible. they have the best brunch in town, hands down, on sundays. great for when you know you are going right back to bed after!

Anonymous said...

Tried their burger on my 1st visit for lunch a few months ago. There were 3 of us. The burger was OK, but everyone had several pieces of chewy "grissle" in the meat. I haven't been back.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

That kind of information is what concerns me aboout Lamberts. Great menu, but poor execution. Hopefully it will get better. If anybody has stories of Lamberts getting better (or worse), let me know.

Ashley said...

Lambert’s is by far, one of my favorite spots in town. I've been several times, for lunch, dinner and brunch. They definitely have the best brunch in town -- for a set price, you get bottomless mimosas, salad bar, unlimited entrees and dessert. You can order as many entrees and desserts as you want. Last time, we couldn’t decide on a dessert, so they brought one of each. The staff has always been very friendly and accommodating. They offer suggestions when prompted, and always sub out side dishes or sauces so that you get exactly what you want. If you previously had an OK experience, try it again. I highly recommend the lamb with the jalapeƱo mint jelly, mac and cheese and red velvet cake. Also, ask the waiter about the wine selections, they have never steered us wrong. I give Lamberts 5-star, and everyone that I have dined with agreed!

Mike Lambert said...

The food and service is great------Nothing more to be said----

Mike Lambert
(No relation)