Monday, November 30, 2009

Comment Posting

I have added a word verification step for posting comments. Everybody should still be able to post so long as they verify the word. Sorry for the step but too many spam posts are appearing.

A new taqueria review will be coming shortly.

Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

FWHITW, what can you tell me about Daybreak Cafe on White Settlement? I went for the first time today with hubby for lunch, he got beef fajitas, I got chicken fajitas. Hey, we don't order alike; he got flour tortillas and I got corn, ok? It was great and had an awesome dive appeal. Told hubby it reminded me of a couple of places my granddad used to take us grandkids back in the 1970's in his small hometown. Will go back for either a bacon cheeseburger or a Mexican Jalepeno burger. Thoughts?