Tuesday, November 10, 2009

George's Specialty Foods

Alright all you Fall Foliage Fanatics, its time to get out and show yourself...so we can judge you harshly. And where is the best place to view the Fort's Fall Foliage? Near the trees, obviously.

George's Specialty Foods on White Settlement faces the Trinity, northwest of downtown and all the large trees along the river bank. When the weather is nice you can sit at the outside tables, feast on a guy-roo and enjoy the foliage. That's right, George's is a Greek place with delicious guy-roos (for more informaiton on guy-roos, please read this previous review), greek sandwiches and all sorts of greek foods and oddities to prepare for your ultimate greek-themed Fall Foliage Festival.

This part of White Settlement is occupied by only three things - the river, Froggy Bottoms (Fall Foliage Followers are not welcome) and George's. The place looks like an old mechanics shop with big roll down windows on the front and a floor that is angled towards the front. Inside, there are about 10 tables. A row of refrigerators filled with greek foods, cheeses and meats lines one wall and the cooking happens behind a set of shelves with all sorts of canned and bottled items. George's also has a selection of olives for those of you who like those disgusting things.

The menu at George's is limited but they focus on serving good food instead of just putting everything they could possibly make on the menu (cough cough...cheesecake factory...cough cough). There are only two things at George's that I have had and they are the only two things I'll ever have because they're all I need and everything I want all at the same time. First is the guy-roo. Second is the item that put George's on the map - the greek sandwich.

This is one of my favorite guy-roos in town but I only eat it one way. I order it to go and let it sort of meld together on my way home. It's got the combination of meat, greek yogurt sauce and slices of tomato and it comes in a soft, warm pita. When you eat it there, the greek yogurt is on top of the meat. When you get it to go its all wrapped up like a delicious little baby so when you get home, the yogurt has spread throughout the delicious bab...pita. George's has never failed me in the guy-roo category.

But the sign at George's tells of a different option. George's holds 45 patents on the Greek Sandwich. Its a pita filled with sliced turkey and a greek salad - all in one. It's healthy but delicious. I think you can also get the sandwich on french bread. I've witnessed people ordering this and assume they are reasonable so it is probably good. But I'm a pita man myself.

On a nice day (like the ones we've had lately), George's will sometimes open the giant window-doors and, as the Fifth Dimension once side, "let the sunshine in." From the tables inside with the windows open, or the tables outside, you can sit and view all the Fall Foliage you can stand. And we'll judge you.

If you've never been, give it a try and let everybody know what you think. If you've got any other suggestions on what to eat at George's, lets hear 'em.

George's is located at 4424 White Settlement Road.

If you've got places that I need to eat at, please let me know. Please also remember that if you send me a suggestion outside of Fort Worth, I'll kindly respond but it wont make it as a review.

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Doohickie said...

Never heard of the place.

I'll have to check them out.

Doohickie said...

I just looked up the location.... I rode my bicycle by there on New Years Eve last year; I rode a half-century on the Trinity Trails. I remember that spot because I went by there twice... once on the trail, then again when I got off the trail and rode south on Isbell back to the trailhead across the street from George's.

Anonymous said...

George's has a good view of a natural gas drilling rig that went up 2 or 3 days ago just south of White Settlement Road and the Trinity River.

Oh, and I have driven by George's a million times over the years and never stopped in. I need to change that.

-calling River Oaks

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Yes, the naturalness of gas drilling also adds to the Fall Foliage ambiance.

Doohickie, I'm assuming a half century is fifty miles, not fifty years worth of riding (although they're one in the same to me). You're insane. Let me know what you get when you go to George's on your next ride.

Michael Bourgon said...

Their Gyros are "fine". Nothing objectionable (I prefer Al Wadi's; still pre-fab, but a different vendor).

However, the charmer at George's is definitely the Greek Sandwich (can't remember the exact name), which is a sandwich + salad, served in a pita, with dressing and cheese and other yummy bits.

Finally: this weekend (Friday 10am - Sunday 3pm) is the Ft. Worth Greek Festival, held at St. Demetrios church. www.fortworthgreekfestival.com

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Michael thanks for the information about the Greek Festival. It sounds like a good time and I remember hearing last year that everybody has fun.

Where is Al Wadi's?

I agree that the Greek Sandwich is greatness but its too much healthy for me with all of that lettuce and non-greasy meat.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Great local spot and a phenomenal Greek sammy, and since you asked for suggestions, may I suggest you try a mushroom swiss burger at the Blue Tower Cafe in the Mallick Tower downtown. It may be in an office building, but it's far from your average office deli. Make sure to get the awesome hand cut fries with your burger.

Anonymous said...

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annb18788@yahoo.com said...

Not sure if they're talking aobut Al Wadi's in Bedford. Those are definitely _not_ prefab. You can spot those (prefab's) a mile away. They have the spit in the kitchen with the ground beef/lamb mixture on it, and they're huge - I spl;it one with a firend & was still full. Comes with rice or fries if you order the plate. Now if the fries were only curly seasoned, I'd be in heaven ...

Will said...

Another good greek joint is called Greek house located at.. 2426 Forest Park Boulevard.

Check it out!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Will, you're correct and I incorrectly believed I had already reviewed the Greek House. Thank you for the reminder and a review will be coming shortly.