Friday, February 12, 2010

Scampi's Closing

I received this press release the other day. Apparently Scampi's is closing and reopening as Jack Tanner's Patio Grill.

Scampi’s restaurant to close after 14 years,
re-open with new name, new concept

FORT WORTH, Texas – Scampi's Mediterranean Cafe, a neighborhood restaurant and catering company located on Magnolia Avenue in the Medical Arts District, will discontinue lunch offerings beginning February 15th, but will continue its dinner services through the end of March because of the retirement of Chef Theo Diakas.

Catering will continue while the restaurant is remodeled to re-open with a new name and new concept in late spring.

Owners David Shaw and Ann Diakis-Shaw have leased the entire building at 1051 W. Magnolia Avenue from the Jara family, and after a short renovation, will re-open as Jack Tanners Patio Grill with full-bar service, a family inspired menu and two great patio areas anchoring the east and west ends of the building.

The Shaws have hired a chef, who will create a menu consisting of gourmet classics. The chef, who will bring many new ideas, will work with Chef Theo to grow and expand the catering business. Ann Diakis-Shaw will continue to manage the restaurant, the catering company and The Marquis on Magnolia, a venue specializing in weddings and corporate dinners.

On Sept. 15, 1995, Ann Diakis-Shaw opened Scampi’s, which served a variety of Italian and Greek foods. Her father, Theo, managed the kitchen and menu since its inception.

“Dad turned 76 in January. Without Dad, there is no Scampi’s,” she said. “He has been the heart of Scampi’s.”

David Shaw, a restaurant consultant and owner, is a two-time past president of the Tarrant County Chapter of the Texas Restaurant Association and currently serves on the State Board of the Texas Restaurant Association. Ann Diakis-Shaw served as President of the Tarrant County Chapter of the Texas Restaurant Association from 2002-2003. She served as a state Board Director, Emeritus, from 1996-2009.

For more information, contact:
Ann Diakis-Shaw
(817) 927-1887


Michael Bourgon said...

Crap! Will have to go back this month, then. Make sure to get the nachos, and no, I'm not kidding. Do NOT eat all of it, if you've ordered anything else. Their food is fantastic, plentiful, and the service was PERFECT. As in "the best I've ever had". The waiter warned us about eating too much of the appetizer, made helpful suggestions, showed up right before needed, etc, etc.

Kelsey Campbell said...

Fort Worth Hole in the Wall,

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Thank you,
Kelsey R. Campbell

Kelsey R. Campbell
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FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Kelsey, thank you for the comments and offer. I have emailed a response to both addresses.