Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Recently, there was an article in the Star-Telegram about Las Vegas Trail in Fort Worth and how it used to be the hip cool place to live. The time period of its reign was sometime in the 80's. Picture bowling teams, Dales, Rhondas. and lots of rolled up sleeves on suits. That's what was going on in Fort Worth's little Vegas. Although by the look of things now, it would have been more appropriately named "Reno Trail".

Near all of the hustle and bustle, shopping centers popped up. Since the heyday of all the hustling and bustling, these shopping centers have filled themselves with new business unrelated to the Miami Vice like atmosphere that is evoked by drives down the scenic trail. On Camp Bowie West, just past the trail, there is such a shopping center filled with a delight unrelated to the sin-filled side of Fort Worth.

That is Thai Rice-N-Noodle...and Wings. Rice-N-Noodle is a very small restaurant with less than twenty tables and 40 square feet. In spite of that, however, it is a hugely successful place and many people, including you folks (based on the emails I've received), believe it contains some of the best Thai in town.

I've been for lunch a number of times and, therefore, have been witness to the scrumptious and affordable lunch special. The lunch special includes tea, an egg roll, an entree and rice if the meal is not a noodle dish. With a tip you can get out of here for 10 bucks. Without tipping, you'll never make it out of Las Vegas - what happens here stays here.

On two occasions I had the pad thai (Thai for "hide the dog"). You have the option to select your spiciness from a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the mildest. From my experience, one is two is three. Not that I would order a 1, but my wife did. It was as spicy as my three. I have reason to believe the secret ingredient in the 4 is what Chesapeake uses to frac. With whatever spice you get, assuming you can taste you food, the pad thai is delicious. The 3 had a lot of spice but I really enjoyed it. Plus the egg roll was really crispy and hot both times.

On a separate occasion, I tried the chicken and basil. This is a dish made of ground chicken, basil, bell peppers, spice, and spice...and some spice. I'm not a fan of ground chicken and only ordered this because the Star-Telegram told me to. This review should serve as notice as to why you should listen to what I say and not what certain other purveyors of food news say. This was my least favorite thing I've had or seen here. It tasted fine but ground chicken is weird. It had a weird texture. That's all I'll say because that's all I remember.

Other diners that have been with me have had other dishes that were also good. I can't remember what they had, but that's not important. They also serve wings. Presumably, chicken.

Rice-N-Noodle gets a 3 Hole rating because its Thai - in West Fort Worth, and the Las Vegas Trail area adds some enchantment.

Rice-N-Noodle is located at 9094 Camp Bowie West. You know you'll there when you start to see the mullets of those who never left or the Toyota dealership on the south side of the road.

Let me know what you think and check it out if you haven't been.

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brande said...

I love Rice-N-Noodle. I usually get the Massaman Curry, and my friends get the Yellow or Green Curry. The Massaman has a really good flavor. I've never tasted the curry because they always get a 5. I'm not sure how they taste anything but spice or ever taste anything again for that matter, but they seem to enjoy it.

Clay Aaron Clifton said...

Rice-N-Noodle is outstanding. All the curries are excellent. The Green Curry Chicken (Level 3) is typically what I get on the lunch special... LITTLE KNOWN FACT - Rice-N-Noodle is BYOB at Dinner time. Ive drank wine in there twice at dinner time, they provide the glasses and opener for no extra charge. DO take advantage.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Wondeful news! And thanks for the info on the curry and massaman. I was too afraid to try it before but now I will give it a shot.

Thanks for reading.

FortWorthGuy said...

Sounds interesting...will give it a try.

I have a category that I think you should add to your "Labels", and that is the category of "Open Sunday". A lot of the smaller places are usually closed on this day, but if you add this category to the others you have listed, it could be very useful. Just a thought.

your mom said...

There are two or three other Thai joints in Fort Worth that are higher regarded and much more expensive but do not hold a candle to rice and noodle.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

FortWorthGuy, I have considered doing that because its one of the chief complaints of hole in the walls. However, I don't know all the hours of all the places. But I'll give it a shot. If anybody else out there knows which places are open on sundays - shoot me an email at or just post it here.

Your Mom, I agree.

Thanks for reading.

goldengirl said...

I hate to be a buzz kill, but my husband and I were not impressed as others on this site with Rice N' Noodle as. Our normal Thai place is Thai Belknap, and it is much better than RNN!!! Our service tonight was slow, the Thai beef salad was unremarkable missing the customary mint and peanuts. There were no Thai dumplings so we order potstickers which appeared freezer burned around the edges, and the Drunken Noodles were obviously heavy on the noodles but was also obliterated with red and green bell peppers. Everyone should run, not walk, to Thai Belknap for a much more authentic Thai experience with the perk of great service and crystal clean surroundings.

Anonymous said...

I love the curries (panang is my favorite) and the kra pow from Rice-N-Noodle. The lunch special is a great value.

There is also another Rice-N-Noodle location owned by the same family on North Beach near Keller.

I prefer the Camp Bowie location myself.

jenny said...

we get dinner to go from here ALL the time! And I have even had them deliver a large order for a party of 20! They are so nice. I always tell people to go there...and then head on down to Grissom's Jewelry, of course!

Anonymous said...

Great article. I just came across your blog and let me tell you, I have SEARCHED for a DFW website with "hole in the wall" reviews, but it never occurred to me to search for a blog. I feel like I hit the jackpot or something! I'll be sure to check in here the next time my husband and I go for a dinner date.

Anonymous said...

thai tina

Anonymous said...

Ground Chicken with Mint. Try it. Mmmm. No really. Make it at least a 4 of 5 on the hotness scale. It never comes out as spicy as the other dishes.

Heather Lynn said...

I like this place! I live right in the center of a Thai food triangle. Rice-n-noodle, Bangkok house, and the newest discovery of Happy Bowl. All hole in the walls and all within 10 minutes or less of each other. I like yellow curry (add bamboo shoots) at RNN, the oh so crispy spring rolls at BH, and the red curry is my current favorite at HB, though I haven't tasted enough there to say it is my absolute fav.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Betty White, sorry you didn't have a better experience. Is Thai Belknap in Fort Worth or Haltom City?

Anonymous 1, I'm a big fan of the green curry now but I will have to try the panang.
Anonymous 2, Thai Tina? Yes, I've reviewed that as well. Also a terrific place.
Anonymous 3, I tried the ground chicken mint and it was good, but I still like the pad thai and green curry better. But the mint chicken is such a unique dish that its worth trying for the regulars.

Jenny, they are incredibly nice.

Heather Lynn, where are Bangkok House and Happy Bowl?

Thanks for reading!

Heather Lynn said...

Happy Bowl:
8149 White Settlement Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76108.
Serious hole in the wall, but the food is good.

Bangkok House:
438 S Cherry Ln
Fort Worth, TX 76108
More Authentic, less American versions of Thai food in my opinion. If you are courageous you'll try the jungle curry. Must eat spring rolls here. Owner is the sweetest person ever.

Tina Maness said...

My favorite, I eat there at least twice a week. They are closed right now for renovaton of the kitchen and they are expanding their dining room......I am going crazy. I did try their sister restaurant in Keller and almost got my fix.