Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Format Changes

I've updated the format and layout of the blog for the first time in three years. At some point, I'll also be removing many of the tags that seem useless in order to make them more streamlined. This way you'll just see a list of basic restaurant types, with a few tabs for "patio" and a few other useful things.

If you've got any suggestions or comments, feel free to share.

Here is the link to the Fort Worth Hole In The Wall Map of restaurants.  I'm still updating it and will post the map once I can get it to fit.  The link will be added to the side (---> that way).



Terence said...

What happened to the map? I found it to be useful if I was looking for a restaurant in a particular part of town.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Terence, I'm updating the map and trying to make it fit into the new format. Once I get that straightened out I'll post it again. I will put the link to the map on the current post and on the side until I get the map back up.

I was never sure if anybody actually used the map. Good stuff.