Friday, July 22, 2011

Junsuree Thai No More

As rumored in the comments section last week, Junsuree will soon become a Mexican restaurant.  The location formerly/currently held as Junsuree Thai will soon become Mijo's Mexican restaurant.

Thanks to loyal reader Ash for notifying the oft-distracted crew here of the news which is also confirming. 

If you'll recall, Junsuree recently came under new ownership with rumors floated that if the Thai idea didn't work, the restuarant would switch to mexican food.  According to Ash and others, Mijo's is a good place with daily specials.  But it's a shame to lose the variety on Magnolia and here in town.  FWHITW is a big fan of panang curry but can barely keep up with all the mexican places.

I imagine they will shut down to remodel (if they haven't done so already) but we'll keep you updated as news come in.  Thanks to Ash and our Anonymous commentator who provided the information.

laa korn Junsuree Thai.  A tattoo artist swears that how you say good-bye.  Just to be safe, I'm having it inked to my calf.


RJG said...

Thanks for the news. As we commented on your blog before, we were a bit disappointed with Junsuree Thai. But it's always sad to see a small family place hang it up.

I'll update Urbanspoon.


Anonymous said...

Boooo! Not sure I'll be able to taste anymore Mexican food through my tears of sadness. RIP Junsuree! You've been a true and faithful friend.