Friday, August 12, 2011

Thai Select

FWHITW's favorite Thai Place - Thai Rice 'N Noodle, is opening up a new location at Overton Park Plaza.  Thai Select will open a few doors down from the Sprouts in the same center.  The Fort Worth Business Press is reporting that the location opens in the fall.  For those of you who don't know which strip center Overton Park Plaza is, its the one at I-20 and Hulen....with the Sprouts.  But of course, everybody reading this already knows where the Sprouts is located.

Congrats to Thai Rice "N Noodle on the new location.  But don't Fuzzy this up and open a new location on every corner.


Anonymous said...

Thai close to me!!! I was so sad to hear that my fav Thai place, Junsuree, was closing. So very excited!!!

neel-veeeesh said...

I second (and third) the sentiment the Junsuree gap needs to be closed. Southwest Fort Worth has been lacking a Thai place for so unbelievably long !

Anonymous said...

It's now open! Haven't tried it yet, but the neon Open sign was bright red last night.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried TIE Restaurant and Bar in downtown Fort Worth? ( Me and my husband visited there this evening and the food was awesome. They have only been open for about four months. You should do a review!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...


I haven't been yet but it's on the "soon to try" list. Thanks for the review!