Friday, April 27, 2012

Food and Wine Festivals

After mentioning the Austin Food & Wine Festival, which starts today, it became apparent that a movement had begun in Fort Worth for our very own Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival.  I'll be attending the Austin festival to provide reconnaissance for the Fort Worth Festival Founders.  It should be a great time and will hopefully inspire some other local people who are headed down to help push for a similar Festival in Fort Worth. 

If you haven't seen the Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival Facebook page, check it out.  They are just getting started and probably could use some help.  This would be great way (other than this blog) to showcase the unique and local restaurants and chefs here in Fort Worth.  And who wouldn't love an event that allows them to walk around and eat and drink all day? 

If you oppose this, you might as well be from dallas or Iowa.  If you support it and love America, check out the Facebook page for the Future Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival and spread the word.

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