Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leah's Sweet Treats

A new cupcakery is in town to challenge the duopoly held by Cupcake Cottage and J. Raes.  And from this investigative reporter's initial visit, Leah's Sweet Treats is a valid contender.  Many people don't know that the Cupcake industry is run by the mafia.  Here in the Fort we have two long-standing families that rule the cupcakery world with fluted fists.  Hopefully the resulting cupcake wars don't destroy the tranquility of the west side.

Leah's Sweet Treats sells cupcakes and custom designed cakes that allow Leah to show off her cake decorating skills.  She got into the cupcake industry because of a love decorating and an art/design bug that kept biting her all through college.  It turns out she also figured out the moistness and flavor component pretty quickly.

A recent trip involved the purchase of a double chocolate cupcake and an almond cupcake.  Each of her cupcakes is topped with a flavored buttercream icing and importantly - the frosting does not overwhelm the cake.  The double chocolate had an intense chocolate flavor and was incredibly moist despite not eating it until the evening of purchase.  The icing was creamy, light and smooth with another hit of chocolate.   It was everything you wanted in a cupcake and could easily replace methadone for crack addicts.  Unfortunately Leah would have to deal with chocolate addicts all day long.

A side note about chocolate cupcakes.  These are the standbys that you have to have because people love chocolate.  Leah's double chocolate cupcake was fantastic and she passed the first test of cupcakology.  The more complicated and difficult ones to master are those with lighter or more subtle flavors.  Hence my pick of an almond cupcake.

The almond cupcake was fantastic.  It was moist and light with just the right balance of buttercream frosting.  But most importantly, you could tell it was an almond cupcake.  The flavor was in the cake, in the icing and the slivers of almonds on top made it even more prevalent.  A really good tasting cupcake that involves a flavor other than chocolate is a treat to me and this was perfect.

Leah's Sweet Treats sells a variety of other cupcakes on a daily basis and she's open until she runs out of cupcakes.  She also does custom cupcakes with different frosting designs and flavors if you have a party or event.  And, as evidenced by her store, she makes custom cakes that she decorates.  I haven't tried the cake but if the cupcakes are an indication, they are sure to be great. 

Ahoy Matey
I stole this photo from Leah's website (below) because it shows she can make an awesome Pirate Cake. 
According to Leah, she wants to be the premier cupcakery in the Fort, known for moistness and delicious buttercream.  The lightness and flavor of the frosting have my vote and she's nailed the moistness.  As mentioned, I bought my cupcakes at lunch and ate them after work and they were still moist. 

If you haven't been to Leah's Sweet Treats, just head down to the cupcake district of Camp Bowie.  Her nearby neighbors include the Cupcake Cottage and Blue Bonnet Bakery.  Cupcakes come in mini- and full-size with discounts when you buy by the dozen.  It turns out that a dozen mini-cakes is about 200 calories according to my completely accurate and verified study based on my years of eating.

Leah's Sweet Treats is located at 4910 Camp Bowie Blvd.  Let me know what you think.  And no comment fighting amongst the Cupcake Families of Fort Worth.  And no more dead horse heads please.
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kim@hungryhealthygirl said...

Love Leah's cupcakes and cakes. If you think Almond is good, give peanut butter chip a try. It is ammmmaaaaazing!