Friday, August 30, 2013

Dos Molinas

When was the last time you entered a restaurant only to be confronted by a Fort Worth SWAT team member?  You learn one of two things when this happens.  You're either about to get shot in a fire fight.  Or the more likely explanation is that the officer is picking up an order.  And many of you are already aware that our local law enforcement folks know some of the best places to eat - those down and dirty hole in the walls that most are afraid to try. 

Andale Molinas
This was my recent experience at Dos Molinas (Spanish for "Mustached Pepper with two Maracas") which is just off the well worn path of North Main. It's located to the west on 25th Street and is a mere two-step from Billy Bob's. But as it is located up 25th street in the nearby Northside neighborhood, many folks miss this gem. The hours, which are generally breakfast and lunch also cause the late night crowds to miss out on the Molinas. They stay open until 9 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but my recent visit to this area on a weekend night indicated that nobody starts the party until well after ten.
The inside looks like a small Mexican diner to one side with plain tables, al fresco-esque walls, and basic dim lighting.  The other side looks like an Italian diner with low hung lights and the SWAT team member suspiciously eyeing folks in a corner. 

My recent trips have all been for breakfast and have been straightforward.  Both times I ordered the chilaquiles.  The first time it was because I was starving, the second time it was because they may be some of the best chilaquiles in town.  If you haven't had this dish before, don't worry, its not too late.  Chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican breakfast item that starts with lightly fried corn tortilla strips that are then sauteed in green or red salsa.  At Dos Molinas they may have both but I've only had it with green sauce which is nice and spicy but not so hot you can't enjoy the food.  After a slight saute, the dish is combined with scrambled eggs and topped with cheese. 

You can make this at home by just tossing the tortillas, sauce and cheese into your scrambled eggs when they are just formed but still wet.  But why go through that trouble when you can pay almost nothing for a professional version here at Dos Molinas?

The dish at Dos Molinas is a mixture of fluffy, with a slight bite and gooey with cheese.  Breakfast is served with chips, salsa and tortillas.  For the price, this is a hefty meal and could easily be shared by a small village.  But to the gluttons that we are, sharing is a sin.  So order the dish and enjoy it for yourself.

Dos Molinas opens daily at 7:00 and closes at 3:00, Sunday - Wednesday.  They stay open for dinner Thursday-Saturday so if you're headed out to the Stockyards, you could fit this in before getting into a fight on exchange.  And per their Facebook page, they have the best menudo in town because its hot and fresh.  Anybody else agree that the best menudo is the farthest away from your breakfast?

Head to 404 Northwest 25th Street if you want to try it out and let me know what you think. 

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Anonymous said...

This has been my favorite Tex-Mex spot for the last 10+ years. I highly recommend the Carne Guisada if you go in for lunch or dinner.