Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jazz Cafe

So, apparently I'm the last person in the world to try out Jazz, but just in case there's one other person behind me, I'm spreading the word.

If you're thinking, Jazz, this must be either a blues bar or a Southern/Bayou type restaurant, you're wrong. It's a Greek place. Or a sandwich place. Or maybe its both. I don't know. They have things other than sandwiches, like tabouli, and other things I can't spell.

Based on the prodding and peer pressure of my lunch companions, I tried the Gorsky (or some other unusual word). Unfortunately I forgot everything that came on it, but I remember some deli sliced meat, lettuce, and other things. But the kicker, is that this sandwich comes with fresh slices of jalepeno. I'm not a big eater of just plain ole' jalepenos but this sandwich has started to change my mind. The only way I usually eat these spicy peppers is in pico de gallo, grilled, and pureed. The kick those peppers gave my sandwich was great and is probably what will bring me back.

Now, this may be a rambling post but its because the food was food and although it tasted fine was nothing to write two paragraphs in a blog about....whoops. I'm sure other things are great there as well (see the discussion regarding tabouli and other things I can't spell).

But, the point of the post is to tell you about this place. It's on Montgomery, north of I-30, but south of Camp Bowie. It's on the west side of the road and when you drive by, you'll see a white wall, with a small sign that says "Jazz". You will probably end up parking on the street near the church next door. When you enter, you come into what seems like a great little outdoor patio, except nobody is eating out there. Also, there are dirt bikes and other junkyard items sitting near/on the tables. Then you walk into this little building that opens up into a quaint little dining space. It feels like a place that should be sitting over some water somewhere. Maybe thats why its Greek. The ambiance makes it feel like a place you could start to call your own. It seems like one of those places where you'd really like to be a regular. Also, if the phone on the wall rings, don't answer it. Trust me.

I thought this was a cool place because of the atmosphere and good food. I am not an expert and I claim no knowledge of Greek food other than gyros and tabouli. But I think next time I'll step out from behind my sandwich shield and try something new. If you haven't been, definitely give it a try.

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Kendrick said...

I was just there on Sunday and had tabouli and a gyro. They were both great, but I thought the tabouli was especially great.

We sat right next to the phone and it rang 2-3 times -- what happens if you pick it up??

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

The guy in the kitchen yells at you and then everybody at the table that told you to answer laughs at you.

I'll have to try the tabouli. It looked good, but again, peer pressure twisted my arm.

Sylvia said...

So, I just found this fabulous little website. I just started laughing when I read this. I've been going to Jazz for like 3 years, I'm always shocked when I find someone who hasn't eaten there, it's a great place!

Meghan said...

Don't forget to mention the best thing about Jazz Cafe- Live Jazz on the weekends! Also, its a Greek resturant, not bayou.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Meghan, I know its a Greek restaurant. I was making a lame joke about the name. Note to self, less lame jokes, more funny jokes.

Keva Rosenberg said...

I went here ONCE.
There was a dog nursing puppies in the dining room ( Oh yeah I'm sure that's not some kind of health code violation) And I might have been quicker to overlook that if the sandwich they brought me wasn't a cold clammy hunk of fat on a raw bread-dough bun. Awful; simply awful.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...


Sorry for the bad experience but I went since then and there were no puppies nor clammy sandwiches. But then I had a gyro. Which was terrific.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Idaho Mexico - Sooo good!

Anonymous said...

The waitress that has served me on both occasions that I have eaten at the Jazz Cafe was absolutely stunning .... just another good reason to go!