Monday, September 10, 2007

Soul Cleanser

Well, its really more of a soul clogger, but you need to get to Drew's quickly...unless you eat there often, in which case you probably don't go anywhere quickly. Drew's is a hole in the wall soul food restaurant over on Horne, just south of Camp Bowie and if you haven't been, I would clear out some room in your stomach and head over there.

Last week I tried their chicken fried steak (CFS) while the person I was with had the smothered pork chop. Because I was hungry I skipped the lunch portion and went with the "small". The "small" CFS is actually two medium size pieces of deliciously fried meat. The fried portion was crispy but flaky and the meat was tender enough to cut with the dull knife provided. The "small" and lunch portion also both come with two sides and a cornbread muffin. The muffin was nothing special, but the sides were amazing. I tried the collard greens and candied yams and learned that I did not know how to cook either properly. The collard greens were just salty enough with a bit of bacon in them and the yams were tender and mushy. Whether that sounds delicious or not, I don't know, but it was. Trust me.

By the way, is there any dish that is not better off with bacon in it? Seriously, give me some examples...

The person I was with didn't get a chance to tell me how everything was because he swallowed his entire meal in about three bites. He tried to convince me the smothered chop was the greatest thing there. The CFS was terrific so I hope he's right because I'm getting the chop next time.

My meal at Drew's cost approximately $10 with the "small portion" and a sweet tea. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the sweet tea. They have sweet tea AND real lemons. Not those goofy lemon packets they give you at restaurants that hate you.

I give Drew's a quadruple bypass rating. I am forcing myself to make lunch each morning so I wont be as tempted to go over there. But seriously, if your doctor will clear you, head on over to Drew's and try anything. Please let me know how some of the other items are because I really want to try everything they have there. Also, if you or somebody you know has a spare heart, you should probably call dibs because you'll probably need it after a few visits here.

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its the pudding said...

What restaurants do you frequent that gives you "those goofy lemon packets they give you at restaurants that hate you"? Just bustin' your chops, I love Drews and while business seems to be fine I would think the 2 block side trip down Horne can't help things.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I wont mention names (because I forgot all the places that do this) but it happens at a lot of places.

Market Street (the original one in Lubbock) did that and I think enough people complained. How could a restaurant in a grocery store not have fresh cut lemons? But there are other violators of this tea rule.

Drew's is beginning to seem safer to me, but I think its because anybody who might threaten me already realize I'm poor and useless.

brande said...

Because of this review we tried this place and it is awesome. The fried chicken is delicious, like Babe's with more seasoning. Also I'm not sure what's soul food about it, but they have the best italian cream cake I've ever had in my LIFE! The cake was moist, not too many nuts, and light fluffy cream cheese frosting. Delicious. The peach cobbler was good too.