Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Paris Coffee Shop

I'm ashamed to admit that it has taken me until now to finally make it over to the Paris Coffee Shop. Everybody tells me how great the food and service are (presumably from Flo), and how I must get over there and I just never made it.

Well, I went, so now I must discuss my experience. First off, I've been a big Ol' South fan for years. I usually go there because its convenient (on the way to work) and I like the atmosphere. So I was a bit skeptical about Paris. I assumed that people who like Paris don't like Ol' South. It turns out, you can like them both.

The Paris Coffee Shop is over on Magnolia, just west of Hemphill and sits amongst a great little urban-esque area that I'm sure the people at FortWorthology just love. And I'll admit, I like it too. From the mural wall outside to the entrance right on Magnolia that lets you face an old cleaners and a current salon and Hot Damn's a cool place. The interior is a little different from what I expected. For some reason I thought there would be more form to the seating but other than a few rows of booths on the edge and the middle row, the center table seating is fairly scattered. But I like that. It seems like most breakfast places you go into in small towns.

As I normally do when I eat at a restaurant in the morning, I ordered breakfast. I had the breakfast combo or whatever its called with eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast and some coffee. It was great. In my opinion, the food I had was better than the similar meal at Ol' South. Of course, Ol' South waitresses ask if you want chewy or crispy bacon, but I probably could have made that request had I been on top of things. The hashbrowns were not those potato strips mashes that are sometimes crispy on the top and soft on the bottom. It was actually chunky mashed up potatoes, served like a scoop of ice cream. But these weren't mashed potatoes. These were hashbrowns like we have some mornings at home. They really were great.

I have two regrets from my trip to Paris. I was hoping for a waitress named Flo. Also, I should have ordered the biscuits and gravy. There's nobody to blame but myself. Now I'll have to go back for those. Maybe Flo will be there.

To conclude, Paris Coffee Shop has great food, a cool location, and a dingy cluttered interior that seems about right.

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Anonymous said...

no cheese grits? gotta try em next time.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Cheese grits and biscuits and gravy. I can already hear my heart yelling at me.

Silly heart, nobody has ever died from eating cheese grits and biscuits and gravy.

Anonymous said...

In my experience, the biscuits and gravy were nasty. The gravy was like papier-mache paste.

Paris Hotels said...

Friend, next time you go to paris try to eat the traditional food like frogs and snail, and tell me what you think! I've ordered my hotel in Paris online, nearby to a small local restaurant that i had to visit after the hunger "attacked me" some night, and well, snails aren't that bad :)

Doohickie said...

The Paris Coffee Shop is over on Magnolia, just west of Hemphill and sits amongst a great little urban-esque area that I'm sure the people at FortWorthology just love.

My lord did that line make me laugh out loud! Brilliant. I was looking for somewhere to ride my bike to for breakfast tomorrow (I have the day off). I think Paris is just the place; I've never been there.

Anonymous said...

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