Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Finally, I made it to Dutch's. I have been wanting to go ever since I heard about it. For the past few months its been built up in my mind, the trip that is. I was going to go and sit amongst hamburger angels and indulge in Grady's food for the unwashed masses (TCU students...jk).

But I screwed up.

I ordered a burger. Just a regular burger. And fries. No onion rings. I know. I'm ashamed of me too.

My thought with the burger was that I should try the basic and see if Grady got that right (because I know food better than him....?). The burger was fantastic. Great bread, nice thick tomato slices, shredded lettuce and a patty that fit the bun just perfectly. Not too thick, not too thin. Cooked a little more well than I liked, but not so much that it affected the taste. Good job Grady. Well, the guy standing back over the counter got it right. I'll now stop referring to Grady as though we are good friends. Sorry Chef Spears.

With the fries, I thought, surely these will be the most magnificent potato strips placed on this earth. To be honest, they weren't my cup of tea. They were somewhat limp and overly salty. I liked the style of fries, they were really dark and thin. But I don't like limp fries. I like fries with a little crisp on them. I'm thinking Railhead (note to self: go to Railhead ). Those are good fries. But, my friend got the onion rings. I didn't eat one because he's a horrible friend that wouldn't share, but they looked great and since he ate them quickly, I assume they're good. I'll get back to you on that one.

He also had the Bacon Bleu Cheese burger and it looked good. He ate it all and his response was "yeah, its good". I take that as a recommendation.

The ketchup was amazing. Just kidding, I'm not reviewing the ketchup.

So I messed up and should have ordered the Texana, the Hickory BBQ and Bacon, the Bacon Bleu Cheese, or the Chicken and Roasted Green Chile (burger? right....). But I think the regular ol' burger showed me that Grady got that right and I thought it was great.

Next time I'll get the onion rings.

On a side note. Dutch's is a bit pricier than what I expected. It cost me $10 something which is what I would pay if I went to a sit-down restaurant, but I thought for a "college hangout" it might be a bit cheaper.

Also, how come on Monday night (and thursday night three weeks ago) was the area around TCU so dead? I remember the restaurants near my college were always busy at the dining hour as students tried to escape the on-campus gruel.

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Brett said...

Go to Dutch's on Tuesday nights for half price burgers. It's so much cheaper. But even for the full price, I think the burgers are worth every penny. Wednesday nights also has a good deal on beer with pitchers of beer for $4.