Thursday, November 15, 2007

Old Neighborhood Grille

As my new bestest blog-commenter imaginary friend, Melissa said (in response to "Magnolia Cafe- Not in FW"), I should try out ONG. The fact that I just learned about this place leads me to one of two conclusions. My mom really is the only reader and Melissa is the first person to find this blog, or all of my FW friends hate my happiness.

How is this not a place everybody tells everybody else about?

I had the chicken fried steak with fried zucchini, mashed potatoes and toast. I instantly wished I had ordered onion rings and only onion rings. The food was great, but the onion rings looked like something I would kill for. Also, I was on a diet and the onion rings would have ruined it.

The chicken fried steak had a light, yet crispy crust. The zucchini was piping hot with a great, crispy crust as well. Although I was only able to eat what was on my plate, I did review how people were enjoying their meals. The guy I stared at trying to figure out what was in his basket appeared to enjoy his fried something with gravy. So I would recommend fried stuff with gravy. A young toddler seemed to enjoyed a mushy version of vegetables and crayon. If you can't trust a three year old kid's taste, who can you trust?

ONG is a great, casual place with a few outdoor tables and a cluttered interior. You would struggle to not feel comfortable there. By some form of dark wizadry, the waitress knows exactly what you ordered. Or she just couldn't forget my beautiful smile. Probably not. You can't feel out of place because it seems like every type of person goes there (guys who don't like strangers staring at their food, three year old kids, me).

I've heard they have great breakfi (plural form of breakfast) but I haven't been able to verify that. Also, my diet is limiting me to hamburgers and enchiladas. A breakfast burrito would just kill all my effort.

ONG is on Park Place, just west of 8th Ave. If you go at lunch time on saturday, expect a little delay but nothing more than you would at any other place that people go to eat. You'll need the time because the menu has a lot of information to absorb. Plus, you need time to stare at everybody's food to decide what sounds good.

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Anonymous said...

Breakfast *is* very good, I have only been for lunch/dinner once, but we go often for breakfast.

The reason we don't tell everyone is that we don't want everyone to know about our little secret. It's a *Neighborhood* grill, and we in the neighborhood like it that way. :)

Seriously, though, it really is that good, and I try to recommend it as often as possible.

Anonymous said...

like Pete said, those of us who go there don't tell others because it is crowded enough. by the way, don't order the hash browns with onions and cheese. you don't need the addiction.

Anonymous said...

have you been to Mongomery Street cafe or Carshon's Deli? Aventino's? Margie's Italian Garden? George's? Celeborelle? You need to get out more!

tuquer said...

I have a hard time telling others about ONG - because most of them seem to already know!
Sorry we assumed you already did.

Anonymous said...

When did ONG become a secret?

Anonymous said...

My question exactly! ^^^

Chuck said...

I just went; awesome. The onion rings really are good and the place makes me wish they knew me by name.
I must inform y'all though, especially Mr. FWHITW, that I have found the best onion rings in the world. I just feel like I would be disrespecting you if I didn't at least tell you about them.
If you're ever in Dallas seek out a place called Offshore's Nextdoor. They're served with habanero ranch.

KimberlyDi said...

No, actually the best onion rings in the word are at the Benbrook Grill off of 377.