Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mama's Pizza

At the risk of offending Francis at Food and Fort Worth, Texas, and never having been to Charlies, I have to thank my good buddy anonymous for the recommendation for Mama's Pizza.

I went here the other night and I'm filing this place in the same place as Fuzzy's. Cheap food and beer. For $8 bucks -ish, you can get an 8" pizza with one topping and a shiner bock....thats draft, Pete. Oh, and the pizza is great. And the beer was so cold, pieces of iced froth formed on the top.

To be honest, when anonymous recommended this place I was a bit suspicious. I mean, pizza...really? I can make a boboli pizza that tastes just fine. It's not even a gourmet pizza place with fancy toppings like Palio's (favorite "gourmet" pizza place - plus its affordable). It's pizza. But this wasn't just pizza. It was your basic style pizza but so much more. I didn't see the option to put poached prussian quail eggs, greek sheep spit or lobster marmalade on the pizza, but I did have the options of pepperoni, green bell peppers, canadian bacon and other things that I don't put on my pizza.

So I ordered one with pepperoni and cheese. That's how I like my pizza at a pizza joint. Plain and simple. If I want all those vegetables I will order a salad. I don't want a salad. I want to die fat and happy, not thin and hungry. If I go to Palio's I dress it up, but we're not talking Palio's here. We're talking Mama's. So back to the subject at hand. Unfortunately I lack the culinary descriptive abilities of Ciao Baby, FW Foodie, Food and Fort Worth, Texas, or even the Startlegram. However, you can trust me when I say this. The pizza is good. Really good. Good enough to make me forget about calling dominos/pizza hut next time I order and go to Mama's.

For those that need it, here's my best shot at a formal foodie review: When the pizza came out the aroma stimulated my noshing desires and jolted me from my gaze upon the brilliantly, yet homely decorative scheme. The pizza was delivered with superb style by a seasoned server who obviously knew her way around a pie. She even went so far as to provide me with freshly poured parmesan powder. At first blush I knew this was more than your chain pizza. The pepperoni was made from old world oni sheep and peppered just enough to tickle my nose with the hint of green peppercorn but not so much as to over power the hint of cashmere. The fresh mozzerella had gently melted on top of the perfectly tangy secret family marinara recipe and it all sat on the most delicately flaky, yet chewily chunky crust. Upon entering my mouth, a celebration began in which my tastebuds each jumped to meet the next bite before the other buds. The pizza melted in my mouth and my molars modestly molested each morsel. After but a fleeting moment in my mouth, I gently opened the orifice in the rear of my mouth and allowed the delectable delicacy to enter my ever developing gut.

That was fun for me. I hope you enjoyed it as well. By the way, the melting I mentioned was actually the melting of the skin on the roof of my mouth. Watch out, its hot.

I promised myself this post would be short so I'll stop with this last note. This really is a great pizza place with that great tasting, original pizza style you had as a kid and we rarely see anymore. There are so few good pizza places that serve a basic pizza that tastes great. Plus, $8 bucks for pizza and beer. Thanks anonymous.

Mama's Pizza is south on Berry, just east of 8th Ave.

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Bernie said...

MMmmmama's! Cold Beer and Good Pizza... and big TVs to watch the game on. It doesn't get much better than that.

My wife likes wine with her pizza, but they don't serve wine, so we bring our own bottle. (Just don't forget to take a corkscrew and a couple of wine glasses).

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Thanks Bernie, I didn't realize you could take your own wine. This place just became an affordable date place for those fancier nights.

I forgot to mention the huge tv. Definitely an important aspect of this place.

Steve said...

As an old FW hand, I'll say, OK, newcomers. You were right to go to Mama's. I've been going there since it opened about thirty years ago (the Mama's on Rosedale by TWU was the first but Berry soon followed).

My wife and I will only eat mama's pizze even though it involves a drive. It's by far the best pizza in FW and has been for decades.

Y'all should note that Carshon's Deli is walkin' distance from Mama's. You will not be disappointed (especially if you go on Saturday...chocolate pie day.)

Anonymous said...

Mama's is my all time favorite and while there is other good pizza places around never really stood up to Mama's....I will say that Mellow Mushroom is a good change of pace and gives Mama's a run for its money. The problem with MM is it's probably twice as high and a pint of beer is 4.50 - 6.00

Steve-O said...

Isn't the Berry location the place where the TCU football players went to pick up their "paychecks" back in the 1980s?

Dazy said...

I am not a pizza expert either. I like pizza with chilled beer. Once I tried Gotham pizza with my colleague. I find Romario pizza tastier and soft too.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Dazy, I have no idea what your last two sentences mean.