Thursday, December 20, 2007

Piranha Update

I wanted to mention a few observations based on my last two visits.

First: The salmon skin roll tastes like burnt nasty fish. Its what I imagine a gulp of water from the Trinity tastes like in August. I've heard these are good so it may have just been mine. But I wont be trying again to find out. This is the only thing I have not liked at Piranha.

Second: The Mexican roll is quite possibly the best roll for a new sushi eater. It tastes great, has no fish on top and it comes with a side of pico de gallo. It's also one of my favorites now.

Third: The On The Beach roll is also very delicious.

Fourth: So is the spicy tuna roll.

Fifth: Why do they sit people so close when the entire side of tables is empty? Space us out a little more please.


Francis Shivone said...

I used to like Piranha's but I'm with you now. Some is good and some is bad, it costs too much and its crowded. I need to take that Rahr tour, my son a couple years ago and loved it.
Francis, at Food and Fort Worth.

Kevin Buchanan said...

Can't agree - Piranha still rocks and everything I've ever had there has been fantastic (though I do stick to vegetarian items). The crowdedness is part of the atmosphere and coolness, for me at least.

It would appear that they managed to put Mikado out of business - am I the only one who's noticed that? They've been closed for weeks now.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I think my post may have been a tad misleading. I still love the place. I just don't like the salmon skin roll. I wanted to let everybody know that the Mexican Roll, On The Beach roll and Spicy Tuna roll were ones that I tried recently that were delicious. I'm still a big fan.

I also don't mind the crowded atmosphere. But when the place is empty its tough to carry on a conversation when people are right next to you because its so quiet. The people next to you can hear everything you say and vice versa. Plus, I always talk about the people next to thats awkward.

I don't mind having people next to me when its crowded because there is so much background noise that you don't really hear people next to you.