Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Need a meal to transition you from the super hefty Christmas day meal to the "I'm really going on a diet this year" New Year's meal of black-eyed peas and salad?

If so, this really is a good place to go. It's like Fat Tuesday. Before you give up all things delicious for three weeks (isn't that when everybody reverts off their NYE diet?), you should go get chicken fried steak, fried squash, and mashed potatoes from Massey's.

This place is like a coronary with a rock wall inside. Actually, the rock wall is quite a good metaphor for the impact Massey's will have on your heart. Imagine a giant wall of blockage in your arteries. ...mmm...chicken fried steak wall....

With all that being said, you know you want to go. The chicken fried steak is great here. Somebody recommended it after I commented on the ONG CFS. I have to give the edge to Massey's on this one. Granted, Massey's is dedicated to the art of frying chicken steaks so its not really a fair competition.

For those of you who are new to...well, life... chicken fried steak is not chicken. I know many of you are asking, why I even need to say that. Its because, in law school, one of my friends looked at my chicken fried steak and said, "that doesn't look right, is it supposed to be gray on the inside? I thought chicken was white." No kidding. A 25 year old man who was born and raised in Texas and did not know CFS was actually a "steak" that was fried like a chicken. Of course that was my fault. Why was I about to take a bite of CFS that wasn't so completely covered in gravy is still a mystery to me.

So back to Massey's. When I went, I opted for the fried squash because I hate my body but love my tongue. That sounds odd. Anyways, it was delicious. Sometimes you just need something fried to sop up all the gravy and extra potatoes. Fried squash works well for this. Its piping hot on the inside and crispy on the out. It also gives you the opportunity to incorporate ranch dressing into your dinner. Always a plus.

This seems like a place you see on movies where the people are always real down and out and they go into a restaurant nearby and smoke a pack of cigarettes while complaining about something or scheming something. Except everybody in Massey's has a big smile on their face because it's like saying "Cheese", you just can't help but smile.

Anybody who doesn't smile while eating chicken fried steak is obviously a communist. If you find one of these people in your life, abandon your friendship with them and move on. These are the people that make Santa cry.

By the way, I would highly recommend you ask Flo what the soup Du Jour is. Last time it was the soup of the day. Mmm, that sounds good.

They apparently have other food but don't bother. Its neither chicken fried steak or fried squash so its a waste of valuable stomach space. But go before you start working on that new and improved you. The next day, you will have some serious motivation to go run.

Massey's is on 8th Ave, south of Park Place.

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Anonymous said...

That law school friend of yours sounds like a dirty sip hippie.

cdees39 said...

Really good fried chicken also.

Anonymous said...

I miss Massey's. There's nothing like it here in NorCal. But you failed the mention the amazing biscuits and the french fries are wonderful too.