Tuesday, January 29, 2008


You know how sometimes on the weekends, you don't really want a sandwich because you've had sandwiches all week long? So for lunch on Saturdays you go get a burger or mexican food, right? You are wrong to do that. Wrong I say. Here's why. As my lawyer friend said, "it doesn't count as a sandwich if your hands are shiny after eating it." And that's why you should go to Carshon's for lunch on Saturdays. Your hands will be shiny.

Everybody has been telling me to go to Carshon's and I, like a fool, procrastinated and put it off. Although my heart appreciated that delay, my stomach, brain, and eyes have suffered.

If you are unfamiliar with Carshon's, it is a deli, with a restaurant in the back. But I don't imagine a lot of people go in without getting a sandwich and pie. According to the internet (the world's source of truth) its been around since 1928. Because I refuse to research any further, we'll go with that.

Now, don't let my initial paragraph throw you off. I really liked the food here, but they are filthy liars there at Carshon's. We'll get to that after I reminisce and drool for a minute.

First, lets start with the sandwich. I have never had a Reuben sandwich. I'm not really sure that I have ever wanted one. I don't know what corned beef is and I'm sure that is on purpose. I was the guy that had to ask Flo, "what is this" on a menu, in America, that serves sandwiches. I'm cultured.

But, despite my greasy-sandwich blindness, I ordered a reuben with pastrami and asked for the kraut on the side. Even without knowing much about reubens, I do know about kraut. That can stay as far to the side as they can get it. My lawyer friend ordered the sandwich with cream cheese that stands about 8 inches tall. He really liked his, but as you've learned, my friends don't share so I can't tell you if he was lying about how good it was or not.

The Reuben came with melted swiss cheese and a really sweet rye bread that had unique flavor for which there is no substitute (the sandwich as a whole, not just the bread). The sandwich is warm with a greasy mound of pastrami on top and melted cheese holding on tight to the top part of the meat. The bread is crusty and not to thick or too thin. The sandwich, sans kraut, is the perfect size. The eight inch cream cheese sandwich is a bit more unwieldy.

The sandwich also comes with a pickle.

After consuming my sandwich and my pickle, Flo walked to another table with two delicious looking pieces of pie. A quick glance to my side revealed a white erase board with the daily specials. On it, was chocolate coconut pie. mmm... I have never been so excited in my life for food. Even in the greatest days of my yucatan chicken thigh quest I never hungered as much as I did right then. I asked Flo to bring me a piece of chocolate coconut pie. Flo said no. Apparently, despite the fact that both words "chocolate" and "coconut" were grouped to make it appear as though a chocolate coconut pie was available, they were separate options. The white board lied to me.

I settled for chocolate pie. It was amazing, but somehow I had lost my zest for pie. If you'll refer back to my Trinity Bistro write up you'll realize that I hate to get excited about one thing, only to be pleasantly surprised by a different thing. The pie was great. It had a warm filling which makes me think it was fresh and it was topped with meringue. But it wasn't chocolate coconut. I'm not sure if I'd even like chocolate coconut, but for a brief, fleeting moment, I was going to find out.

I will be back. Numerous times. Until my doctor or fiance tell me to start eating healthy. In which case I'll go, but wont report here about it. The sandwiches were fantastic. The pie was fantastic. Flo was fantastic. You can drink fairly inexpensive Rahr beer for lunch, which is fantastic. All in and all, I'm a fan.

If any of you know Flo or the Carshon Clan, will you see if they can make a chocolate coconut pie? Just shoot me an email at fortworthholeinthewall@yahoo.com when they are going to be serving it.

Carshon's is on Cleburne (which is what 8th seems to turn into) just past Berry. Its open from 9-3 or something like that. If you're dining in, just go straight to the back and have a seat. Flo will be with you shortly.

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Anonymous said...

told. you. so.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I. know. I. know.

What else is good there? Any particular sandwiches I should try next time?

Michael Bourgon said...

Carshon's is great. I _believe_ it's the only Kosher deli in town.

For what it's worth, there's a nice little drive-thru down the street - Alvarado's. Mexican stuff, prices are pretty good.

As for Carshon's sandwiches - I haven't had anything bad there.

As for not knowing what corned beef is, for shame. It's an alternate take on brisket. Whereas we smoke brisket, Jewish delis in New York City have been brining their briskets for over a century. That's all it is - brined brisket. The "corned" comes from a reference to the salt. Yummy stuff.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Well that doesn't sound bad at all. I'll try the corned beef next time. How could I not like a brisket sandwich?

I'll definitely give Alvarados a try next time I'm over there.

Francis Shivone said...

Love it, too. And the pies.

Steve said...

I think I was also part of the chorus. Glad you enjoyed it. I was in there also on Saturday afternoon...loud table drinking wine and beer with way too much food.

Here's something to try sometime and you won't regret it...Chili Dog. No joke, it's the best I've ever had.

I'm down with the folks that run the place...Mary, to be specific and she makes all the pies from scratch. Over the holidays, she works around the clock to meet the high demand for take-out pie. In fact, instead of a groom's cake at my wedding, Mary catered pies from Carshon's.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Steve, I'm going to have to try the corned beef next time, but I'll go with the chili dog once the warm weather rolls around.

What are the chances that you could ask Mary about making a chocolate coconut pie? I pledge to order one if she'll make it.

Steve said...

I can always ask. Her pecan rocks as well...

cdees39 said...

I love the chopped liver.
The roast beef looked good, but haven't tried it.
We went yesterday. Had 1/2 chopped liver and then a slice of butterscotch pie. Hmm, Hmm.
Had the chicken noodle soup. Too salty for my taste. I love their split pea soup. Hmmm-- would go back today, but are going to El Asadero.

Anonymous said...

Hey FWFITW - why don't you put the address of each restaurant/bar that you review? I appreciate your comments but an address of the "hole" you're talking about would be very helpful!

Jerry said...

All good with one exeption - the bagel dog. The waitress even warned me that I might chip a tooth on the stale bread, but I insisted... Back to the Reuben next time.

East Coast Girl said...

Carshon's - hangs tough, it's not easy to find good NYC Deli style Sandwiches! Carshon's comes pretty close! I grew up in New Haven, CT I know good Deli Food - believe me!when you have had the best your tastbuds will let you know what's real and what's not!! Continue hanging tough Carshon's Deli!

Anonymous said...

My post is a few years late but Carshon's is my favorite place in Fort Worth! The Reuben made with corned beef followed by the chocolate pie is the food of the gods. Yum.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

That sentiment is never too late. And if you don't follow the sandwich up with the pie, life will always seem incomplete.

Thanks for commenting.