Friday, January 25, 2008

Taqueria San Luis Update

Note:  Since pusting this review, Taqueria San Luis has changed names.  Check back for further reviews.

I promised an update on the carne asada greasiness at San Luis and I don't back down on my promises. Unless I'm lying.

I went back and ordered the mixed plate with two pastor tacos and two carne asada tacos. Lo and behold, a special treat comes with this option: a bowl of charro beans. If you have been to La Familia, you know that charro beans can be a real treat. At San Luis its got a creamier broth (probably the starch of the beans) but it also has jalapeno slices to give it some spice. Needless to say, I'm a fan.

Back to the tacos though. If you'll remember, the pastor tacos were fairly greasy. The carne asada didn't have the same grease content and was a great compliment to the greasy pastor tacos. The carne asada was very tender and the serving of meat was very generous. If they threw in an extra tortilla you could easily make five tacos out of the meat for four. And if you want to know a secret, order your food to eat in the restaurant. They give you chips and two hot sauces if you stay. If you leave, they make fun of you.

As I sat, covering my tacos with cilantro and the red sauce, I watched a busty woman on a telenovela yell at her boyfriend and run off. The boyfriend chased after her and the scary music started that alerts you to a problem. Behind him was an older woman, coming at him with a knife, except she was about twenty feet away and had the knife raised the entire time. It really felt like I was in Mexico and I couldn't help but think how serene this moment was. Then the woman swung at the man and the sound of a dog stepping on a squeaky toy was the sound effect. Telenovelas are so popular, but so cheesy. I really could go in there and watch that for an hour while sipping a bottle of coke and eating some tacos. Half of the time would be interest in the story, the other half would be taking notes on all things that just make no sense.

For those of you looking for lunch on saturday when you're out and about, I would recommend stopping by. A cold coke and a plate of tacos is a pretty scrumptious lunch and it will give you that cholesterol and grease boost you need to get that belly your spouse will love.


Jeff M. said...

Took your advice and visited Taqueria San Luis last night for dinner. I even went so far as to have the mixed plate with tacos pastor and carne asada tacos. The tacos were great, drunken beans were marginal (cooking another hour or two would have done the trick). My one beef? They don't serve beer. Am I one that has to have a drink with every meal? No. But tacos and Mexican beer just go together...

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Jeff, sorry the beans weren't up to par. When I was there the beans were great. Maybe I just got an older batch.

My buddy and I were talking about the beer thing. I thin you can bring beer to San Luis. Which is even better than buying it there. I wanted to ask but the cashier didn't speak enough English and I didn't speak enough Spanish.

And you're absolutely right, a Mexican beer with the tacos would be perfect. I guess until I find out if its BYOB, its take out for me.