Friday, January 11, 2008


I know everybody wants me to get to Carshon's for a sandwich, and I'm working on that. Until I make it however, I have had to fill my time with other options that are closer to where I work. So, with that being said, lets all reminisce about Galligaskins.

Actually there's no reason for me to ask you to reminisce. I don't know how long the place has been there or how long people have been going, but a friend recommended we meet there for lunch. I have to admit, I'm skeptical of sub shops and sandwich type restaurants. They always tend to be the same and they each advertise their "super fresh, no health violation cleanliness, low cal" features. All things I care little about.

But I was told the philly cheese steak was good here. I know what some of your are saying, "Yo I'm from or been to philly and this place got nutin' on a real philly cheese steak, Go Eagles!!" Well, I haven't been to Philly and I don't care for the Eagles (no offense to the bald ones or to Todd Dodge at UNT).

Apparently this is their number one seller. I don't know why they don't slightly alter it and call it the Cowtown calfwich or something quirky like that. Anyways, its really good. The meat was a bit salty but overall it had great flavor and came on some really soft hoagie type bread. Plus, it was hot and just made, along with the french fries. The fries sort of stole the show, in my opinion. I would put them close to the category of Railhead fries which I believe are the best in town. Crispy, hot, not greasy. Kind of like good hicken.

So it was a good lunch. The food is not so overwhelming that you want to go back to work and die. It's enough to fill you up for a decent price and send you on your way. And everybody knows that Cowtown calfwiches are low fat. So its got that going for it.

I think this would be a cool place to work into a monthly schedule of dining out only because they have a bunch of sandwiches and its a compromise of unhealthy and healthy (sandwiches and fries). Its the best of Subway and Whataburger (but better fries). That really isn't a good sales pitch is it?

So I like Galligaskins and I promise I'll go to Carshon's to get a real sandwich soon. Until then, I will probably have at least one more Cowtown calfwich.

Galligaskins is on Camp Bowie between Bryant Irvin and Horne, on the south side of the road. It's open during its operating hours and closed at other times.

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Pete said...

At Galli's, I like the tuna, with everything (which includes chopped jalapenos), and you MUST GET THE TOTS. Friez sux0r there... Get tots!

cdees39 said...

They also have great meatball subs!

Anonymous said...

Number 22 Galli Deluxe, no pickles, add jalapeno, large tea.

Been eating there for years, but have never had the cheesesteak. What with the demise of Texadelphia and your recommendation, I believe I'll try it next time I go.

Wife loves the meatball sub cdees39...

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

A deluxe sounds royal. I'll have to work my way up to something that fancy.

I used to eat at Texadelphia in college and I would say that their philly cheesesteak was better than Galligan's. But I was in college at the time and every morsel of food was a blessing that I might not see again for days (not completely true, but close). I do remember them being bigger and fuller. The Galligan's cheesesteak is very flavorful though.

Pete, I'll get the tots next time. Thanks for all the recommendations.

Hadji said...

I love Galli's but there are a bunch of great chain sandwich joints around. Which Wich, Loafin Joes, & Jimmy Johns are all pretty good...Pot Belly isn't half bad.

Texadelphia is reopening in the Chapel Hill strip where the New Orleans Restaurants failed.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Is Galligaskins a chain?

Hadji said...

Galli's is not a chain...there used to be two (the other on Pipeline in Hurst) until about 10 years ago.

tedxas said...

Another place for pretty good sandwiches is Jimmy John's on the corner of Camp Bowie and University in the little strip center that includes Chipotle.

Standard sandwich fare, about a dollar cheaper than subway. Nicer staff, too. The people at the Subway in Montgomery Plaza aren't too excited about your patronage. But the folks at Jimmy John's are exactly that -- "folks." Good, fun, hardworking people. And their smallest sandwich is an 8" sub.....not that tiny little 6" sub at Subway. (NOTE: I generally like Subway...just not the one at Montgomery Plaza.)


Anonymous said...

They opened in 1972.

Dennis said...

OK , is this the same place that used to be in Richardson ( Central & Spring Valley )back in the '80's I used to eat the cheesesteaks almost daily. My arteries were much younger then AND I'm still alive . I live in Plano now but guess I'm going to have to venture over to Fort Worth for a fix .

Anonymous said...

The one I remember was on Blackburn/Haskell across from North Dallas High School right off Central Expwy and Haskell near downtown Dallas. Loved the subs there didn't know they were still open... I will HAVE to make the trip to Cowtown for old times sake!