Monday, January 14, 2008

Taqueria San Luis

Note:  Since posting this review, Taqueria San Luis has changed names.  Check back for further reviews.

In my never ending quest to find a place that could kill me, another notch can go on my bedpost of danger. That's probably not completely fair to say. The only real danger is probably coronary blockage, but they'll have a cure for unhealthy eating soon enough. They being them.

On my way to Fiesta I decided to get in the mexi-mood by stopping into a place I have longed to eat at. This is Taqueria San Luis, numero tres. The one on 0cho-th avenue. I walked in and happened to be the only noon-time patron. Lucky for me because I got the best seat in the house...the one right in front of the tv playing a scrambled Mexican soap opera. Ambiance is what sells this place.

Some background. I spent about six weeks in Mexico before law school, "learning" spanish. I learned a lot about the Mexican culture but unfortunately my spanish is about as good as my writing. Its useless, random and probably quite offensive. Anyways, while in Guadalajara, I found these little tacos with different shaved meats on them. They were eaten with cilantro, onions and hot sauce. Sometimes pico de gallo would be added. They were amazing and cost about 25 cents a piece. I would eat six or eight for dinner along with a bottle of coke.

San Luis has a great version of these taco-itos. They are slightly larger, with much more meat, but they come with cilantro, onions, and salsa. I ordered two with pastor (roasted meat) and it really took me back. The meat has great flavor and is extremely tender. It is also incredibly greasy which isn't how I remember it but this is America and we do things Americanly. So we eat grease. Luckily I washed out my arteries with a bottle of coke. Thats right. Not a can. Not from a soda fountain. An ice cold bottle of coke. Jealous much?

They offer a meal of four tacos (and you can pick different meats) for five dollars and some change. I chose to get two tacos and a bottle of coke and it cost me five dollars and some change. So I'm thinking the four taco deal is pretty good. It only cost an extra 1.50 or so.

Next time I'm getting the carne asada along with the pastor. I'll update you on the grease content of the carne asada.

The hot sauce, by the way, is great. It has a real good spice but not so much that you only taste the screaming of your tongue.

If anybody knows of any places that are similar to this or have had the little tacos in Mexico, please let me know where I can find something similar. These were pretty much right on, but I'd be interested in trying other restaurant's versions as well.

I'll put the link up to the side, but you can visit their website at


cdees39 said...

Ernesto's on 8th ave is a favorite of mine.

Bernie said...

Yes! Another Taqueria San Luis convert!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Cdees, where abouts on 8th Ave? Any particular recommendations from Ernesto's?

Bernie, I am indeed a convert. This place has been on my list for awhile now.

What are they chances that Rahr will get them to cater sometime?

cdees39 said...

Well, shoot. The only listing is on Hemphill. It was just past the Tarantula station but on the left. In a strip mall.
I haven't been in awhile, so maybe it is gone, but everything from carne asada to tongue was wonderful.

I'm MIKE JONES! said...

Just found your blog. Love it. Been to many of the places you have written about. I lead a "hole in the wall" gang from work. Started because of the Startlegram article, now working off FW Weekly list. Will use you as a resource.

Hadn't tried "San Luis" yet, but did try "Taqueria San Antonio" on Hwy 80. Same four tacos for $5 deal. Delicious.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Thanks Mike. I'll work to continue providing new places. That is one of the main reasons I started this blog. I have always been the "lets go here" guy wherever I work.

Based on all the reviews I've read I'm going to have to try out this Taqueria San Antonio place. Everybody seems to love it.