Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sushi Axiom

In my never ending yuppie quest, I tried another sushi place this past weekend and I know how you all can't wait to read my review. It was good. Thanks for reading this week.

Obviously I couldn't stop with three "sentences". And you can probably see all the text below.

This trip was with the typical lawyer friend and another lawyer friend. It turns out that sushi is better done with three or four paying people because it seems to spread the cost out. With that in mind, we put all of our beer's on one guys tab and didn't pay him back at the dinner table. Thats another reason to go with others...

I was told this place would probably knock off Piranha as a favorite and I have to say...more below. I learned that teaser idea from the evening news.

Sushi Axiom is behind Central Market and is a giant open room with a bar, tables and teensy little asian women running everywhere. There had to be 100's of them. I felt like Godzilla walking around there.

Anyways, we started off with the fried calamari, which absolutely proves the oft-thought idea that frying makes everything better. Calamari, or the rocky mountain oyster of the sea, is fried and served with jalepeno slices and sauteed onions, along with an indescribable but delicious sauce. By indescribable I mean I ate there over six days ago and don't remember. I don't know how you castrate squids to get calamari (don't tell me thats not what calamari is because whatever you've heard it is, was a lie) but I bet there are some wild ocean cowboys or something. I picture them lassoing baby squid up from the depths, then they flip them out of the water and onto the deck of the boat, where two ocean cowboys pin it down while a third castrates it and tags it. The ocean cowboys wear cowboy hats and chaps just like land cowboys but also lifevests. Remember, safety first kids.

Anyways, this was a delicious dish. You could fry socks and if you served it with gravy it would be good, but this was above the sock and gravy appetizers of yesteryear. Seriously, it was good.

We also ordered some sashimi of yellowtail and salmon. Very fresh and delicious. It paired nicely with the third beer of the night. On a side note, we asked our little asian woman to spread out the food order and to not rush in bringing all the stuff we ordered. Needless to say it all come out within seconds of each other. I would complain more but I was hungry and it was good. So if you want to take your time here, order separately.

We also got some rolls. I can't remember what they were but one was fried, which as discussed above, means it was made of animal reproductive parts... wait, I mean it was good. There were two others that were also good and I get the idea that they're all pretty good except for one which was described as tasting pancakey. I'm not sure how this is bad but the guys that had it were not pleased. If you order the Aunt Jemima roll, I think you know what you're in for...

So the real purpose of this discussion is to compare this place with Piranha. As a sushi bandwagon connoisseur I have decided to pass down my judgment. Sushi Axiom probably has better food (although the rolls were drenched with more sauce than I cared for). But Piranha has the location, atmosphere and attitude. I will definitely go to Sushi Axiom again and get some of their fried calamari, but when I'm in the mood for a little more urban attitude, I'll probably go to Piranha. I think they're both great so I'm going to waffle here (not pancake) and say it depends on what you're looking for. If you don't want to deal with downtown (because you hate the success of Downtown Fort Worth) go to Sushi Axiom. If you hate urban sprawl and the idea that a restaurant could be outside the urban core, go to Piranha. Either way you'll be happy.

The prices are about even, the menus even look identical, so I would say you can't go wrong with Sushi Axiom. Let me know if you think I'm wrong. I'll explain that opinions can't be wrong, they're just different and you should respect my beliefs. Or I'll delete your comment.

I'm going to be out of town for the next week so please hold tight. I'll be back with a review of Lucille's, Angelos and Railhead. Its the BBQ head to head you've all been caring less about.

Note:  Since this review was posted, Sushi Axiom has opened a location in Montgomery Plaza, at 2600 W. 7th Street.  Check back for a review on that location.

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Anonymous said...

Here, I'll save you the trouble.
Lucille's: decent food, but they think it's God's Gift to Texas.
Angelo's: good barbeque, but not as good as Longoria's.
Railhead: see Angelo's, but leaner and dryer.

Hadji said...

Axiom is considerably cheaper than Piranha and the only reason you got the goop on the rolls is because you ordered rolls that came with goop....I'd guess that more than half are sans goop. Axiom is far from perfect but I think it's #1 in Fort Worth followed by Japanese Palace (unfortunately you smell like the cooking tables when you leave). I went to Ronin (next to Glorias in Montgomery Plaza) the other night and it was awful although I'll give them a quasi pass since they just opened (I gave Axiom a thumbs down right after they opened). The regular tuna nigiri was 8 bucks, very small and not very fresh.

hadji said...

Lucilles: I agree with anonymous.

Angelos: they gave up a long time ago.

Railhail: hit and miss...when good they are very good but just not consistent enough.

Todd E. Jones said...

Hey, I think you should try Drew's Place if you haven't already. It is right at the entry of the Como neighborhood off on Curzon. Also, you might try Panther City Coffee near TCU across from the TCU Bookstore. I didn't see a review of either place, so if you have please forgive me.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Piranha is over rated food-wise. For a downtown atmosphere it is pretty nice. Ive tried most of the sushi places in Ft Worth, and my personal favorites are Hui Chuan (Camp Bowie) and Wasabi Sushi (Hulen). Wasabi had some really good sashimi and is more quiet and unknown than many other places in FTW. I havent tried Ronin yet, but with hadji's suggestion, it may be best to wait a while.

Anonymous said...

Lucille's: crappy brunch, crappy service, great Margaritas
Flying Fish: good so far, make it snappy!
Hui Chuan: wonderful
Railhead: go for the fries
Drew's: great veggies and they try hard to please you
Panther City: teenagers mugging down on the couches is offputting
Angelo's: go for the big,icy O

Anonymous said...

by the way, don't you eat anymore? Why haven't you posted?

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I'll try to reply to as many of the comments as I can.

For Lucille's, you all summed it up pretty well, but I'm still going to write a long winded review.

For BBQ, I plan to eat at about five BBQ places in the next two weeks to really provide a good review of the main two in the dispute.

Sushi - as a casual sushi eater its all so equal to me. I would assume a poor night at one place is probably an anomaly unless it happens twice. I really get into the atmosphere and Piranha's downtown location is cool to me. Sushi Axiom is close to my work so thats nice. I've heard good things about Hui Chuan so it sounds like I need to give it a shot.

I reviewed Drew's on September 10. It is titled "Soul Cleanser". I loved it.

Flying Fish is still caught up in the "is it a hole in the wall" department.

Final anonymous - I have been out of town for the past week and although I tried a few hole in the walls, they are outside of Fort Worth. So all that means is that I'll post about them when I haven't been out to eat in awhile. I should have a post in the next few days.

Thanks for all your comments. You've given me some new places to go. Plus I need to go back to Drews.

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Rena--Museum Educator said...

You should really try "Mi Cocinita" if you never have...AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Tokyo cafe is probably the best sushi and Japanese cuisine in town. They actually have a variety of sushi rolls, not everything has crab, fried shrimp, and cream cheese. Laid back and casual, it's more Fort Worth to me. Only problem is they don't have a full bar like the other two being compared.

Anonymous said...

I love your site, but I am hoping your tongue was firmly planted in your cheek in reference to calamari somehow being a squid's genitals. As a chef, I have made calamari hundreds of times. They're simply small squid. I am sure they have genitals, but they are microscopic. To prepare calamari, you simply cut off the squid's tentacles, peel off the outer membrane, remove the cuttlebone (cartilage that holds the squid's shape) and slice it into rings. Occasionally I like to slice them lengthwise and serve as sushi, but I usually go with the rings.

Calamari as giant squid testicles is far more romantic, though. Or perhaps seafood condoms?

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I am offended by your implication that I pursue such deviant acts. My tongue was placed right betweem my teeth as usual. And how dare you insult the size of the humble yet beautiful squid genitalia.

Your apology will be greatly appreciated.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Anonymous - where do you chef at?

Amanda said...

I hope you have now been to Montgomery Plaza location and come to your senses that it is MUCH better than Piranha's. I LOVE Sushi Axiom...everything is so good and you can't beat the lunch boxes there. Great value, delicious, and very filling.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I still haven't been to the Montgomery Plaza location. Is the food better than the Hulen location or does it just have better ambiance.