Thursday, February 7, 2008

Updates and a Mini-Review

El Asadero Update:
Get a margarita. They're pricey, but strong and well flavored. If you've been to the place immediately south of El Asadero, please let me know if its good. I really want to try it out.

Starbucks Update:
Hold on, don't get mad yet. I'm not promoting Starbucks. They have a mug with the FW skyline on there. Its overpriced and you're supporting communism by purchasing one, but if you need a little more FW each morning, this is how to do it. They really captured the beauty of Burnett Plaza...

Boomer Jacks: Boomer Jack's on Urbanspoon
This place just opened at the Montgomery Plaza and fits on this blog because its owned by a local guy out of Colleyville. They serve sandwiches, burgers, wings and other bar type food. The place has a ton of TVs and with their open air design, this place should be fun once the weather is nice.

I had their equivalent of the Whataburger Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich. Its a grilled chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce and bacon on it. Healthy and good. Lots of people comment on the fries. They're seasoned well, but a little limp. I prefer crispy fries, but these are still very good. Plus they're fresh. The onion strings were recommended by the waiter but I refused to follow like a sheep.

My buddy got the chicken strip basket and said one more strip would make it a little better deal. Three strips just weren't enough for him. He's morbidly obese and eats truckloads of pancakes for breakfast though.

There is another location or two of this place and one of my only complaints is that it feels very chainish. I know I know, it sounds like I have the "I don't like this band because they're on MTV now" syndrome, but they could have given it a little more personality in my opinion. This isn't like the other places I post on that have interesting people or really good food. Its just your regular bar stuff. But with all the TVs and open air feeling it will be cool to watch games and go for happy hour. I just wish it felt a little more unique. This, coming from the guy who commented on Starbucks...

Palio's Pizza:
Apparently one of these recently opened in Southwest FW. They have a restaurant in Colleyville and another up in the "cities north of dallas" area. So they're not really a hole in the wall but they're local and I think they can fit in to this blog. This has got to be one of my favorite yuppie pizza places. The pizza ingredients are all fresh, you can take your own wine. Plus, looking down your nose at the people ordering pepperoni and cheese (how do they live like that?) is free. Thats not true at all. The place seems very casual and relaxed and I have never had a bad pizza there.

Men's Health has compiled a ranking of 101 cities based on cleanliness of their restaurants. The information is based off of foodborne illness outbreaks. Plano, Arlington and Fort Worth made it into the top ten. Dead last - Lubbock. So go ahead, have all the larb you want here in town. But if you go to Lubbock, just order the....wait. Don't go to Lubbock. Ever.

I am working hard to get to the Love Shack, King Tut, Benitos, Cafe Chadra and some Mexican place I heard about up on 25th street, north of Downtown. If you've got any other recommendations, please let me know.


cdees39 said...

Have you been to M&M's? I can't find it in the blog. Wonderful garlic steaks.

Anonymous said...

don't bother with Love Shack. all hat no cattle.
Aguilera's (on the north side, no sign--find it if you can)
Mi Cocinita (in a garage behind a house on the southside)
Bailey's BBQ(tiny red shack across from the federal building downtown)
I'll try to think of some more!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I haven't been to M&M but I've heard tales of its wonder and greatness. I'll put it on the list.

For Mi Cocinita should I just roam southside backyards one day? I hope whatever happens make the news.

Is Bailey's worth the trip because of its unique location or is the food good?

I think Aguilera's may be the place I'm thinking of.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

tedxas said...

King Tut's is a great place for a good, fast lunch.

Their featured lunch special is "Chieken Shwarma" -- everyday! Basically chicken and rice, but with more flavor.

I've also had the gyros there and some kind of macaroni/beef combo. All very delicious.

And for the picky palate among you, they have a simple burger on the menu.

My fellow geeks and I tend to hit Tut's 2 or 3 times a month. Easy-going staff, cheap prices, a fun place to go for something different. And after a few visits, you'll be humming along with the Egyptian-music track. Seriously.

Michael Bourgon said...

Love Shack: what the other guy said. All hat no cattle.
King Tut: good food, awesome hummus. Dinner is good but pricier (2 of us get out of there for $30, but that includes Olives, Hummus, 2 entrees, and tea)
You need to try Esperanza's, and Swiss Pastry and... oh, hell, try this:

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Thats a shame to hear about Love Shack. Chef Love, I know you read this blog so take this into account.

I've heard the desserts are what to get at Swiss Pastry, not the sandwiches. Is this true? Any dessert in particular I should go for?

Dena said...

All of them!!

cdees39 said...

ooh second the recommendation for Aguilera's and Mi Cocinita. Hmmm-
On Saturday mornings Aguilera's has great breakfast.

Christian said...

To be honest, part of me wants Mi Cocinita to remain 'undiscovered'. Something truly hidden.

Once you go there, you'll know why I say this.

Better yet, when you go there on a lazy Thursday afternoon with a 6-pack of canned beer in a brown paper bag and a good buddy or three in preparation of ordering the special (don't even ask for a daily special on a day its not listed)'ll know why. And you'll want it to remain hidden from others, too.

The address: 3509 1/2 Bryan.

Best bet is to try to find it while driving N on 35W (from 20) and turning on Felix (heading west), I think, although you can find it many other ways. Look for a small elementary school on the left, then a 'community center' on your right a few blocks later with a bit of art painted on the outside of its concrete walls, and then turn right down Bryan, a very residential street.

You'll see a wide range of cars -- many of them clearly from other neighborhoods or corporate parking garages out for a mid-day break -- parked on th the street towards the end.

Signage is subtle at best. Look for the garage to the right of the house, set back a bit. Really. Walk inside and look for a seat inside or outside...but you'll have to go to the back room to order (but it'll be delivered to your table). Bring cash. Or don't plan on eating. And don't forget its BYOB if you so elect.

When you're done, you'll realize that TCU grads have known about "My Little Kitchen" for ages...but nobody tells anyone. Still a brilliant little secret.

Call them at 817.923.0033 if you want to order out. Great homemade food -- wherever you eat it. And wonderful atmosphere that is as authentic as it gets.

cdees39 said...

So, how about a posting on everyone's favorite tamales?

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Cdees, where are everybody's favorite tamales?

Christian, I can't promise that you're going to win friends by revealing Mi Cocinita place but I appreciate it.

Is Mi Cocinita open weekdays only or on weekends as well?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Greek House at Forest Park and Park Hill? Great gyros, but a little on the expensive side as far as holes-in-the-wall go.

cdees39 said...

Mi Cocinita is limited weekday hours only. I am not sure what they are now, as the last 2 times I was there they were closed for vacation. If they ever close for good, the grandfather clause that allows them to remain open, will expire.

Anonymous said...

Some of the best Mexican Food I have had was in Lubbock Texas. La Malinche, La Fiesta, Durangos, Taco Village.

What is your beef with Lubbock? It is the birthplace of Abuelo's, Don Pablo's and Harrigan's. Also Chimy's...which is at the top of my Ft Worth list right now.