Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10,000 Hits - Whoohoo

Thanks to everybody who helped fortworthholeinthewall make it to 10,000 hits. According to my sources, this is now the most highly read fort worth hole in the wall blog in central Tarrant County.

Way to go readers. We're #1! We're #1!

I would also like to thank all of you who comment on the blog regularly or irregularly. Without you, I would have to work harder during the day.

Keep checking back (4-5 times an hour) because sometime today or early tomorrow I'll have a post on either the Scat Jazz Lounge or Hui Chuan.



Michael Bourgon said...
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Michael Bourgon said...

Congrats. Now get back to work! More reviews! Find us a couple non-taquerias we can eat at for $5 for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Now eat, write, respond. I've been worried that you might have been dieting--no posts in a while.
Have you ever eaten lunch at Roy Pope Grocery? Did you know you could? It needs to be on your list of must eats. All the west-side oldtimers know about it but they're not talking. Let us know what you think. And don't tell me you don't know about Roy Pope Grocery.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I know about the grocery store but I didn't realize you could eat there. But I will eat there now.

And no, I haven't been dieting. My svelte figure is natural. But thank you for noticing.

Michael, I need some suggestions for cheap places like that. I'm guessing I need to head east of I-35. I hear the Texas Wesleyan crowd has some good options.

Michael Bourgon said...

The only place I know of that you can get out of for $5 (including tip) is Phat Dat. Decent Chinese food, $4 for the lunch special. There's gotta be more places like that, but I don't know what they are.

I'm trying to think of places like Chicago's Billy Goat Tavern - good, cheap food and no tip needed. The difference in tipping and not tipping, at that price range, is substantial.

Kincaid's might qualify - $3.85 for the burger and $1.20 for the fries, close enough.

Esperanza's too, if you get a burrito/gordita/etc from the bakery portion of the store and don't eat there.

Where else? Hmmm... Swiss Pastry might qualify, but I can't imagine anyone getting out of there without dessert, so I don't think that would work.

I'd like to eat out more, but the ole wallet can't support it. For $5 I can pretend it's close enough in price to my frozen dinner.

Alternatively, if there are some good taquerias with decent-sized portions, I'm game. I've been to Meli's - meh. Alvarado's is better, as is Esperanza's.