Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kincaids is in Trouble

The Startlegram is reporting that Kincaid's is under fire right now. The landlord is apparently trying to triple their rent and the Gentry's (owners) are looking for a new place to go. You know what this means right? Triple your hamburger consumption.

Its the only way. If we all vow to eat three times as many Kincaid's burgers, the difference wont be felt. So start this week. Today is thursday so you'll need to go today, tomorrow and saturday.

According to the coolest guy the paper interviewed, the store has been around for 250 years. I like that he not only exaggerated, but the paper also put it in, without any correction. The article discusses the family and when when the store opened, but never outright corrected the guy. Cool.

Gentry family, if you're reading this, we're all hoping the best for you and if you have to move, we'll find you. Not in the creepy way.

Also, could you open for breakfast? If we've got to make iy there three times as often, a breakfast burger might help.


Anonymous said...

not only must you go there more often but you must never, ever, never darken the door of whatever establishment opens there at a later date. What a shame. Was it a surprise that the new owner was from Dallas? hmmmmmmmmm.

Michael Bourgon said...

I originally thought it was a bluff, but I don't think so. I think the person is looking at Dallas/Portland prices and saying "yeah, I can squeeze them for that".

That being said - after the first 20 years, you would've thought they'd consider BUYING THE BUILDING.

And finally, to the new owner: I'll go to wherever Kincaid's moves to. And when your future tenants see how much will have to be spent on the building so it hits code, I hope they pass and you choke on it.