Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hui Chuan

As you may have noticed, I've become one of the top Fort Worth sushi reviewers since this blog started. In an effort to avoid eating boring sandwiches for lunch, I routinely venture out. Recently I ventured to Hui Chuan for lunch with my brother to discuss Harry Potter and eat some sushi.

Hui Chuan is on Camp Bowie, next to La Madeleine and has about enough room for my brother and I, and the couple nearby that was probably confused why two adult males would sit and talk about Harry Potter.

Previously, I reviewed Piranha and Sushi Axiom. I would say those two places differ from Hui greatly. They seem to be more trendy and modern whereas Hui is more bare bones with a big sushi bar and a couple tables around the edge of the room. They also have a room in the back where you sit on the floor and eat at the table. At first I thought that it was a really cool opportunity. Now, in retrospect, its just cheap. I don't think Japanese people really eat while sitting on the floor. I think its a trick so they can make fun of us.

I just checked. They do sit on the floor.

So back to Hui Chuan. The rolls available are similar to the options I have seen at other places but there was also a menu for a mexican restaurant with the sushi menu. Either this was an accident or they are multitasking. So essentially we ordered the Japanese enchiladas. We had a few of the basic rolls and a couple specialty rolls.

They were all great. None of them had any sauces on them which was the main difference from the rolls at Piranha and Axiom. Since I'm sort of a newbie at this, I'll naively assume this means this place is more authentic. Can you believe it? In one week I ate in Lebanon and Japan.

If you're looking for something a little different in the sushi realm and you want a small little place to go and sit at the bar and talk about Harry Potter, I would recommend this place. Although, it doesn't fit into the lunch justification of "its as much as my homemade lunch would cost."

By the way, if you haven't read the seventh Harry Potter, it turns out that the commissioner hires Harry to fight crime in Gotham. Dumbledore comes back to life, retires from Hogwarts and uses his skills to help the park rangers, resulting in a dramatic fight scene between him and Yogi.

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