Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Texas Road Trips

Since spring and summer are the time to take road trips, I'm working on a little treat for all of you venturesome folks. The people of Fort Worth are generally what everybody else in the state strives to be and its our job to travel the state and show those people how great we are.

Because I know you fine Fort Worth people are the kind of people that like to travel around to unique places, attend odd events and eat at small cafes I am going to provide a pretty extensive list of places to eat and events to visit throughout the state this summer. Of course, I'm not so egotistical to think that I can pick all the favorites across Texas, but I'll try to give a good review that hopefully opens your eyes to something new.

This will not cut into my regular posts on Fort Worth holes, but will be a special edition post. I expect that it will come together soon after the BBBBQ Review. Both are perfect spring time topics and hopefully the TRR (Texas Restaurant Review) will inspire some of you to get out this year and explore our wonderful state.

Because this is a fairly ambitious topic, I am receiving help from my dad and a few friends. We are trying to put together a list that provides some of our favorite holes in all the cities we have eaten in. I will also provide a list of events and festivals going on throughout the summer that will hopefully give you a reason to get out for a weekend or so.

I know what you're thinking about me - either 1) you know me and my friends and you don't trust their opinion; or 2) you don't know me but I sound like the type of person with poor taste in friends. Both classes of people would be correct. However, they are all trustworthy when it comes to hole in the walls. I wouldn't be friends with them otherwise. My dad has an outstanding hole in the wall resume. Some say I take after him in that respect. Its a recessive gene so I hope my wife has it somewhere in her family.

I think this will be pretty interesting. We'll see.

In other news the following are due up pretty soon: Edmondson's Fried Chicken (maybe Hicken - we'll see how good it is first before bestowing such a title - see "fried hicken" for more information), the BBBBQ Review, Nonna Tata, the Roy Pope Grocery store (or whatever the name is - I know where it is), and Duce.

Thanks for your continued reading and please keep refreshing six or seven times each time you visit - it helps my ego.



Anonymous said...

will you document the road trip by highways? We travel to the Hill Country at least six times a year and we have a list that goes down 281. Not neccesarily a good list but a list nonetheless. A few years ago we started taking a photo of the kids in front of each DQ we passed. We have shots from Marfa to Mason to Lampasas and Fort Worth. I know. Weird. But very Texas Road Trippy.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

That is very roadtrippy indeed. A while back, my dad and I made a photographic tour of Highway 16 from I-20 to the border. We stopped and photographed everything from gate entrances to churches, restaurants and anything that looked interesting.

I will provide some highway information and I am also planning on organizing the places by location so if you're going to one area of the state you can sort of hone in on that section.

By the way, a Fort worth to Marfa trip would be pretty nice in about four weeks, after the wildflowers have bloomed. Especially if you swing down through the hill country.

Thanks for reading.

Russell said...

If you make it to La Vernia, a little town about a half hour SE of San Antonio, you've got to try a little hole-in-the-wall called "Witte's B-B-Q". Some of the best burgers & fries known to HITW mankind. Don't pay attention to the see-through to-go paper bags (from the grease of course), just eat it and enjoy...another "hate my body but love my mouth" joint like Massey's.

Also, while you're around the area, stop by Carlos Kelly's Steak and Seafood in China Grove (right on 87 if memory serves). Yep, THE China Grove. One legend has it that's where the song was written as The Doobies stopped for a bite.