Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lack of Posting

I apologize for the lack of posting. Things have been pretty hectic for the past few weeks.

But don't hate, yo. I'll be coming to you with brand new and improved, limited time only priced reviews in no time.

Until then, if anybody can recommend another good breakfast place, I would greatly appreciate it.



Michael Bourgon said...

The obvious:
Swiss Pastry Shop
Paris Coffee Shop
Ole South

Patrick said...

Yogi's on Hulen is my favorite. Bagel's, great coffee, and a real old fashion short order cook.
Hemphill's Diner, at Hemphill and Biddison, though I think they stopped serving breakfast, but still an awesome lunch spot. The menu is split down the middle with home cooking on one side and Tex-Mex on the other. Plus, you get chips and salsa with your chicken fried steak! (Gravy on you enchiladas?) And also Red Cactus on University next to Dutch's. Great burritos.

Anonymous said...

you promised that you would go to Montgomery Street Cafe! Daybreak Cafe and Sunny's cafe on White Settlement are holes that serve breakfast. what about Vickery Cafe? Sounds like you need a cafe.

Nathan Dean said...

I have to go with Rise & Shine on Altamesa & Vega, or Panaderia La Fe Bakery @ 4210 Hemphill. The latter has some killer burritos. Be sure to speak spanish and bring cash.

Anonymous said...

Dixie House Cafe (5401 South Hulen Street). Next to Half Price Books. Great home cooking and large portions.