Thursday, July 10, 2008

High End Holes - V Edition

Disclaimer: Neither of these places are dirty or hidden away. But both are downtown and popular with me. So I need y'all to support these places until I can get there again.

Vidalia's Vidalias on Urbanspoon

This is one of my favorite places downtown and I keep reminding my downtown friends about it. If this place goes out of business and I can't get gingerbread pancakes, I will probably boycott the Ol' South German Pancake as a statement for at least three days.

Vidalia's is a southern style restaurant on the east end of the cruise ship Worthington. It's an open restaurant with an open kitchen and generally friendly people serving your food. I've only been for lunch and breakfast so I'll tell you about both.

Breakfast - get the gingerbread pancakes. They have other things but its like going to France and taking a picture of that thing behind the Eiffel tower. Except the Eiffel tower doesn't taste like gingerbread, so Vidalia's wins. Keeping track? Vidalia's -2 (you get two pancakes), France - 0. Another great plus here is that there are copies of the Startlegram at the front table so you can save fifty cents. I've also heard the sweet potato biscuits and gravy are good but I refuse to expand my horizon.

Lunch - Rib-eye steak sandwich. That's all you need to know. Just get it. Its a sandwich with sliced rib-eye. So its healthy. Plus you get a side of sweet potato fries. Studies show that sweet potato fries have the opposite affect of bitter potato fries. With a water and a tip, you can have this sandwich for under $14. Another good lunch is the pulled pork sandwich - but this is messy so don't eat it on interviews, first dates or if you are dining with a rabid pit bull. I haven't had the CFS but the guy next to me seemed to enjoy his. So much so he wouldn't share. Must be from dallas.

Vault Vault on Urbanspoon

This is the Fort's foray into fine dining. Mrs. FortWorthHoleInTheWall and I went before the grand opening and got to enjoy the restaurant by ourselves. We had the amuse buche, a salad with mixed greens, entrees, dessert and wine. We loved it. I'll go over as much as I can remember. The amuse buche was a piece of honeydew (for me) and cantaloupe (Screech, you can't elope! Who are you calling a canteloupe, melon head!), wrapped in prosciutto with a sprig of rosemary and an olive oil drizzle. It was delicious and really amused my buche. Satisfaction achieved.

The next course was our salad. We got the typical fine dining salad with mixed weeds, fancy goat cheese (fried on the side), nuts of some sort, fruit, light dressing and fancy croutons. We loved it. We're pretty high class peeps and we only eat fancy salads on the backs of gilded diamonds. This was our favorite fancy salad ever - despite being on a, "gasp", plate.

For entree, the Mrs. had a fish dish that was wonderful. It didn't taste bland or like fish. I had the duck. I definitely out-ordered her. The duck had an orange sauce and was tender, juicy and not at all obnoxious like daffy. I think I found the solution to calming daffy down - show him the menu at the Vault. Sorry kids.

For dessert, we ordered the creme brulee trio which consisted of a vanilla creme brulee, a gran manier brulee, and a chocolate brulee. The Mrs. preferred the chocolate, but I really enjoyed the hint of orange in the gran manier brulee. Like I said, we're fancy peeps, so we ate this like true snobs and commented after each bite: "oh the scent of orange provides a nice nose to the gentle creaminess lingering on my palate." I hate us.

But, even as good as all of this was, the main reason I liked this place, is that we got free wine. They said if you ask for it, the wine is free every night (or something opposite of that - I can't remember). Either way, it was free for me.

The waiter told us that they were hoping to be the first five star restaurant in Fort Worth. I asked if he had been to El Asadero. He needs to bone up on the competition.

Great date place. Better "Let Somebody Else Pay" place.


Francis Shivone said...

Hadn't been to either. Thanks.

AnnZ said...

We went to the one in the Worthington last Sunday for dinner. I was not to hungry so I had soup (crab bisque) which came in a little tea pot type thing that the server poured into my bowl at the table and salad. Both very good. My husband had pecan crusted chicken. He liked it but thought it would be a chicken breast and it was like the whole side of a chicken. He did not like that part but liked the taste. He had the onion soup and really enjoyed that.

A friend went to the Vault on Friday night. I have not talked to her yet to see what she thought but I hope she knew about the free wine request!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Annz, I've noticed that trend at Vidalias. The food isn't always clean or neat, but its so delicious. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich once while wearing a suit and afterwards it looked like I killed a pulled pork sandwich.