Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Whoohoo - 25,000 hits

Thats right, FortWorthHoleInTheWall has hit 25,000 hits in less than one year. The birthday is coming up and I'm thinking something special must be done...maybe a sarcastic and useless review? Perhaps.

Thanks to everybody for reading. I'll be coming to you with more reviews soon but please keep sending me places to go. If you know of a place that I haven't mentioned please let me know. The only rules are that is needs to be in Fort Worth and locally owned is preferred.



Anonymous said...

MUST try Winslow's Wine Cafe. Not exactly a hole in the wall, though the shop it replaced used to be. Fab spot in west fort worth!

Francis Shivone said...

Congratulations -- I stop by a couple times a week and like your reviews.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Is Winslow's the place on Clover and Camp Bowie? I'll give it a try. It looks fancy - is it?

Francis, thanks for reading. I'm a constant reader of your site. Fortunately for me you post more than I do. Keep up the good work over there.

Anonymous said...

george's imported foods on white settlement, then the artisan bakery farther down white settlement, then sunny's diner a little farther down the road, .......... could you do a "hole" report street by street?
loyal eater/reader

Anonymous said...

have you been to the m&o burgers at the leonard's museum? great food and interesting arrangement. what about the daybreak cafe across from angelo's? Not a hole in the wall but certainly a word-of-mouth small independant is St. Emilion. have an anniversary coming up with the wife? perfect place. go before they tear it down and move to museum place.
loyal reader/eater

Anonymous said...

I recently stumbled onto your blog. I enjoy reading and have been looking for an opportunity to try one of the places you've reviewed. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary (lunch) at Lili's on Magnolia. WOW! He had the Lili's house burger with gorgonzola waffle fries. (Yes, he died of happiness.) I had the salad combo with chicken salad and bulghur & berries. We then split (and took some home) the Heaven & Hell cake. Everything was perfect. The burger was so moist- like a slice of my mom's meatloaf. The flavors were all so wonderful. Thanks for the recommendation and keep up the great work.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Anonymous 2, thanks for all the suggestions. I really haven't eaten at many place on White Settlement but you've convinced me that I need to expand up into that area.

Anonymous 3, I'm glad you enjoyed Lili's so much. It sounds like the place worked out perfectly for your meal. Everybody I have taken there loves it and they later die of happiness.

Thanks for reading

David said...

I wouldn't go to Winslow's for pizza. You'll get better pizza from Central Market or Milano's. The toppings are creative but whoever is make the pizzas needs a few lessons. My pizzas were mushy and the sauces was forgettable.