Saturday, November 15, 2008

Granny's Tacos

Are you on the north side of the Fort? Are you dressed in a suit and obviously out of place? Let me tell you where to go.

You might be at a hole in the wall if: the restaurant is obviously not in a place designed for a restaurant; you questioned whether or not to go into a place because you're just not sure what's in there; the place only takes cash. I think this place meets all hole in the wall requirements.

Granny's Tacos is on Long, east of Main and appears to be an old garage. But don't be mislead, there isn't nearly as much space inside as you would imagine for a garage. In fact, the actual area for diners is about three feet by ten feet.

When you walk into Granny's, you'll notice a nice lady behind a counter (Not-Granny), a grill to one side, hot refried beans, potatoes, and meat to the other side, a bowl of flour dough behind her and a picture of what I presume is Granny. That's it. No tables. No chairs. You probably shouldn't stay very long anyways.

Order the taco. Just one. If you're thinking, "I'm a big man/pregnant woman, I need two tacos." You have no idea how wrong you are. You are obviously too caught up in your greatness.

After you've ordered ("Can I have one taco? Please don't stab me sir.") the magic begins. Not-Granny will then pull off a piece of the dough, roll it out on the table that would probably make most health inspectors (and wusses) cringe. She then tosses the tortilla on the stove top and lets it cook. After its cooked, she piles refried beans, potato and meat into the tortilla and you're set.

When I went, they had shredded pork roast. I had never had this before and now I know why there has been this emptiness in my life. It was for pork roast in tacos.

On Fridays enchiladas are also available. According to Not-Granny, 12:30 is too late to get enchiladas. She runs out soon. Which means one of two things. Either she makes three enchiladas and eats them herself. Or they are the greatest thing known to man and you have to get there by noon to get them. I'm going with the latter because I live in a fantasy world.

According to the man behind me, they really are good and I should try to get there earlier next time. I would believe him. He seemed like somebody in the know. You know what I mean.

So Not-Granny finished my taco and asked if I wanted hot sauce. Of course I said yes. But then I saw that the hot sauce container was only a third full. What is this? Some sort of gringo scam? "Give me more salsa" I demanded. Although I probably said, "can I get another please?" She looked at me, knowing I knew nothing about this small package of demon sauce. Its hot. Like, just a dab will do...if you're stripping paint from a battleship. So don't pour it on your taco. Just dip.

The total cost for this experience and massive taco was five dollars. You can buy a Jarrito, some Horchata, or other items. Apparently they also have cake. But the one rule is that you must pay in cash. The taco was enough for me, so I took it and headed home (where I conveniently keep a stash of Jarritos).

How was the taco you ask? Why are you even asking that? I just told you there was a freshly made flour tortilla, hot refried beans, warm strips of potato and pork roast piled high. Plus I had a Jarrito (Fresa, in case you were interested). How could this be a bad meal? It couldn't . I have no doubt that it was better than whatever you had that day. After I scooped off the salsa I poured on, it was even better. The salsa was delicious, but it was way too spicy for me, in that quantity.

Next time, I may eat at the picnic table outside. But I probably wont. Especially if I'm dressed in a suit again.

Check out Granny's Tacos if you get a chance. The tacos are huge, the ambiance is wonderful, you get to watch Not-Granny make you a tortilla, and this place truly is a hole in the wall. What more could you ask for? I'll tell you, more enchiladas. That's what I would ask for. You know they're good. Let me know if you've had them.

Thanks to Sam for the recommendation. Let me know if you've been and disagree so that I can practice deleting comments. Hahaha, mostly just kidding...

Also, thanks to Fort Worth Weekly's Chow, Baby for the mention in this week's article. I would imagine this is the first and last time you see this blog's name in print outside of the indictment.

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Stephanie said...

I am intrigued by this Granny's Tacos place. What is the exact address and hours?

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

It is at 703 East Long. Go North on Main until you get past the numbered streets. Go right on Long and go under the railroad tracks. It will be on your left so just do a u-turn and you can turn right into the side parking lot. I don't know about the hours but I would stick with daylight hours.

Take cash.

Anonymous said...

If you're ever in the north side of town again, try a place called Market Latina. It's on 3309 N. Main, at the corner of Main and Long--not far at all from Granny's Tacos.

They sell Salvadoran (or is it Guatemalan?) food, along with some Mexican.

Try the pupusas. I don't know how something made from such simple ingredients can taste so incredibly good. I always order the mixed pupusas (cheese and beans), which, I think, is the only way to go. Each pupusa costs a buck. (They accept cash only on purchases under 6 dollars.)

Also located in that part of town, on 3820 N. Main, is a restaurant called Colonial House. They serve a breakfast and lunch buffet. I had lunch there once a few months back, and it was pretty awesome.


Dave said...

I just discovered your blog yesterday, read this review, and immediately got in my car and drove down to Granny's for a taco!

YUM y'all!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Dave, what did you think? What kind of meat did they have when you went?

Crdean1 said...

Excellent Tacos. Thanks for the recommendation. The enchiladas were great as well.

Pics here:

Anonymous said...

I think they only ever have pork. At least that's all they've had in the 2 years I've been going. And the enchiladas are very good. So is the rice you get with them. Although, I have to say that 2 tacos isn't an impossibility, that's what I get every time I go. Also, I use at least one full container of salsa per taco, it's spicy, but not like what the reviewer said.

Anonymous said...

I started eating at Granny's back when the original Granny ran the place..She's passed on now,(God bless her)..Their hours are 11:00 to 6:00 Tues-Friday and I believe the same for Saturday..Tacos are usually Shredded pork,potatoes,and refried beans, or some variation thereof,cheese is optional.. Enchiladas on Friday and you'd best get there early if you want them, as they are exceedingly popular..Menudo is served on Saturdays..Cash only..They don't take plastic..And as for the clientele and the Dress code, I feel safer there than I do downtown..Later on..Moze.

Anonymous said...

I know this family! This place is absolutely WONDERFUL. I would recommend this to anyone in need of the best tacos they can find:)

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Are enchiladas still available on Friday? It's been so long since my last visit.