Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Have you heard the good news? The little house with the amazing Italian food has opened up a few months after a fire gutted the house housing the restaurant. Obviously the immense response from my post a few months back told Piola that Fort Worth would not buy some excuse like "my restaurant is on fire." So, in response to you, loyal readers, Piola opened back up with a new interior but the same delicious food.

For those that don't know, Piola is at Mattison and Haskell, and right on the edge of the UNT Health Science Center. The restaurant is in an old house which they hae completely remodeled thanks to the fire. They have also kept the great patio out back.

Pursuant to a restraining order I'm not allowed in the front of the restaurant so I took the opportunity to dine al fresco. Al fresco, in Italian means, "sexy". So as I sat outside, dining al frescoly, I reviewed the menu and narrowed my selection down to six options which I then grilled the knowledgeable waiter about. Previously, I ate the veal involtini (literally, "al fresco cow") so this time I decided to go with a pasta dish. I had the Smoked Chicken Fettucini. It was a form of fettucini with a garlic cream sauce, mushrooms, chicken and some truffle stuff.

I started a new paragraph to emphasize this next point. You should sell a close cousin for this dish. Keep the brothers and sisters around for extra kidneys but this dish is worth at least a first cousin. It is creamy, chickeny and smokey. Which you would not have picked up from the name of the dish. My waiter even said it was one of his favorites. Probably because he has learned not to say bad things about what he's selling.

The chicken parmigiana also got good reviews and looked like they cooked up the breast of some giant 5 foot tall Indian Chicken. I know they exist because a man whom I have no reason to doubt told me about them. He said Campbell's uses them for their soups. Well Piola also uses them for their "parm". It's was reported as delicious and "get your fork off my plate, freak".

If you need a unique place to go with good food and great atmosphere check out the new and improved Piola. Let me know if you've been since they opened back up.

Piola is located at 3700 Mattison Avenue on the corner with Haskell. Park on the street or in the parking lot to the south.

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Rock Girl said...

I am so excited that they are open again! I was just telling some friends the other night that I wanted to take them there but wasn't sure when they would be open again. Thanks for the great news!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

This is a great place to go with friends or for a date. Let me know what you get next time you go.

Chow, Baby has a good review in FWWeekly this week about Piola if anybody needs more info (read: accurate info).

Anonymous said...

I never realized those 5 foot tall chickens were Indian.. I figured they were from Texas.

FortWorthCate said...

I love Piola for their patio and its atmosphere. It is the perfect girlfriend after work gathering place. However, I have not had a good food experience, yet.

The last time I ate dinner with friends at Piola I ordered the special of the day - Seabass. The first plate delivered to me was over cooked and the fish was ruined. Needless to say I sent that plate back to the kitchen. My second plate was delivered only to find the fish was raw. Once again I had to send it back to the kitchen. Finally, after all of my tablemates were finished eating their meal my third plate was delivered. The server apologized, however, the manager did not say anything about the experience and no accomodations were made. I was sorely disappointed.

I may return to Piola for their patio...but not their food.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

"Seabass? I'm sorry, is there a land bass out there we don't know about?" Anybody...anybody?

Go again and try something else. Maybe the Seabass was having a rough day. Thanks for reading.

chow, baby said...

"Accurate info"? Man, I'm slipping. I used to never let accuracy interfere with a review.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

You have the backings of a major weekly paper and we all know that everything on paper is true. My only filter are the emails I receive when they don't get my sarcasm.

Thanks for reading.