Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yogi's Bagel Cafe

When your friends come in town do you have that awkward moment where you ask them what they want for a meal and then they say, "I don't care."? You shouldn't ask that question. Why would somebody who isn't from here know what's good? You are so insensitive sometimes.

Other than your complete lack of hosting abilities, you also shouldn't ask that question because there is a chance that they might give you an answer. If they're not from around here, you'll be eating at Chili's or Applebee's. Or even worse....Panera.

What's wrong with Panera, you say? They have good bread, coffee and manufactured personality.... What else could you want?

How about Boo Boos favorite bagel place? Yogi's.

Yogi's is on Hulen, just south of the river in a small strip center on the west side of the road. When you drive by, you'll probably see a large crowd of cars out front and wonder, "how do all of those people fit in a bagel shop?" Well, this is more than just a mere bagel shop. Yogi's is a full service, breakfast, bagel, coffee and newspaper reading place. The menu is long and extensive with a three egg/hash potato/bacon/bagel dish, mexican dishes, eight or so coffees and numerous other breakfast items. They also have lunch items. This is your local replacement for Panera when you want to treat your out-of-town friends to something unique. Or when you're just really hungry.

Mrs. FWHITW actually recommended this place to me a few weeks back and it was a selection full of win. But she has a history of good choices (

We both got the breakfast plate with eggs, taters, a bagel and some bacon. Both sets of eggs were prepared just as requested although the scrambled eggs ordered by the Mrs. were drier than she normally likes. The bacon was crispy and I bet you could get it chewy or raw though I didn't ask. The bagel was also delicious. I had the cinnamon-sugar bagel which was sticky on the outside but tasted delicious with a little honey on the top. She may have had the same type of bagel but I can't remember. She ate it so it was probably good. Finally, the taters. So many places served hash(ed?) potatoes that are slimy or soft. These are potato chunks that are crispy. They're probably frozen potatoes, but the fact that they're crispy makes me happy.

All in all, the meal was a success. I went again a few weeks later and tried the same breakfast plate with the orange-cranberry bagel. Again, everything was great, and the bagel was another success. Two great trips in a row makes this place a definite repeat place.

The atmosphere also makes this the to-be place of the month. The tables are all packed together and you get to listen on in your neighboring table to discover that maybe if he helped out a little more around the house, maybe she wouldn't care so much if he spent more time with his friends. Or maybe you'll hear the table next to you talking about what they heard you say. It really creates a community atmosphere.

If you're looking for a new breakfast place, this should definitely get your consideration. The food is good, affordable, and the place has a friendly atmosphere that will really wake you up in the morning. Plus, its always good to know what the people next to you are talking about and this is one of the more legal ways to find out. It's also a great substitute to Panera and half of all proceeds go to the Jellystone National Park Foundation.

Let me know if you've been or what you think. If you have suggestions for other good bagels or breakfast dishes let me know.

Yogi's is located at 2710 S Hulen St., Fort Worth.

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Anonymous said...

breakfast? fuzzy's

Jake Good said...

Love Yogi's on the weekend!

Also love me some breakfast tacos at Melis or Fuzzy's...

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Anonymous, you make a good point. Fuzzy's Chilaquilies....mmmm.... But this post is about not-Panera.

Thanks for reading.

Kim said...

That's my favorite breakfast place! My parents came into town to visit me this weekend and that's the first place I took them. They loved it. I'm glad you're spreading the word about it.

Leslie said...

The pancakes at Yogi's are also super yummy and very large. 2 will do it for me.

Doohickie said...

Been there.

Done that.


Kristine said...

The poached eggs with salmon or spinach at Yogi's is ultra good. Try it on your 3rd visit.

Michael Bourgon said...

San Antonio Taqueria has breakfast. Haven't been to Yogi's, will give a shot.

Stephanie said...

I am currently reading this at Panera. I'm surprised I didn't get struck by a giant bag of bagels, lol.

I haven't been to Yogi's in a loooooonnnng time. I tend to forget about it, but if its better than . . . um . . . this place I'm at that starts with a 'P' . . . I'm there!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Kristine, I don't doubt what you say, but that sounds like my worst nightmare of breakfii. However, I'll take your word and tell others that you recommend it.

Stephanie, Panera has employees in the back who constantly read all correspondence sent through their network. Just a heads up.

Scott said...

Yogi's is great. I have my own thing i get there everytime. salt bagel with lox and cream cheese, hold the capers.

a little expensive, but soooo worth it.

callie said...

their cranberry orange bagel is my favorite! I love turning it into a sandwich with turkey, cheese and veggies. The chewy, sweet bagel is great with the turkey...sort of a play on Turkey Day

Lauren said...

Oh I LOVE yogi's! It has been one of my favorite breakfast places for YEARS! Their bagels and lox are to die for, as are their pancakes - blueberries and chocolate chips, yum!

And the staff is friendly, and always remember the regulars :)

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Scott, is it the lox that makes it expensive because a bagel and coffee only costs about $3.

Callie, I've never been for lunch and I don't like turkey sandwiches for breakfast, but I'll keep that in mind next time I'm in the area at noon.

Lauren, you and Scott, plus about fifty others have told me that the lox is good at Yogi's. I may have to try this.

Thanks for reading, everybody. This is obviously a popular spot.

Francis Shivone said...

Fort Worth Hole in the Wall was included in the list of blogs in our new publication. Sorry to use your comments page but I don't have your email address.Go to "Pages". It is on page 14. Thanks, Francis.

The "Review" is available at downtown restaurants and hotels.

Love Yogis bagels, by the way. They are the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Try the Migas (I like mine with chorizo, some prefer chicken) - they are hands down the best breakfast item there and some of the best in FtW!!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Francis, I saw the Downtown Review on your blog the other day and it looks great. Thanks for including FWHITW. Now I just need to stop by and pick up a paper copy for my scrapbook.

Update on Yogi's. I had the breakfast burrito special a couple of weeks ago and you all need to stop what you're doing, go to Yogi's and order it. It was a burrito filled with eggs, potato and tomatoes, covered in a delicious queso. What a great way to start off your morning, or cardiac arrest.

Kelsie said...

You've got to try the french toast! It's my favorite. I get a half order with hash browns. Yummm!