Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tokyo Cafe

Are you looking for an affordable sushi place run by a couple Aggies? If so, Tokyo Cafe on Camp Bowie is the place to go. If not, you should stop reading now.

Why do I mention that its run by a couple of Aggies? Because football season is coming up and all of the Aggies in town will probably need a place to congregate if its another tough season. Well, all the yuppie Ags who eat sushi anyways.

Tokyo Cafe is just east of Merrick on Camp Bowie and is a very casual restaurant. If you've driven by, you already know how popular this place is. For those of you that have eaten there, you know how good of a value it is. If you haven't, we're all talking about you on the site.

If you've been to Piranha, you know they have a Dr. Fran roll, presumably named after Dennis Franchione. His doctorate was earned after he wrote a thesis on the viability of an all option team. Those of you from TCU will go only ot Piranha so you can bow to the roll of fran. Those from A&M will order the roll so they have something to spit on.

Unfortunately Tokyo Cafe has no Aggie themed rolls. They do have your expected line of traditional rolls along with a big selection of unique rolls. If you're not a sushi eater, Tokyo also has cooked items. I haven't had any of them so you'll have to try them on your own or wait for the comments.

When Mrs. FWHITW I went recently we tried three things. The steamed dumplings, the Tropical Summer Roll and a Rainbow Roll. We started with the dumplings because we heard they were delicious. Now you should go and try them because I'm telling you that they're terrific. The dumpling isn't slimy, and the pork with vegetables was deliciously flavored. For $3.50 they were a great deal and one of the better sushi restaurant appetizers I've had.

The Rainbow Roll was a compromise between the missus and I. She is expanding her sushi repertoire whereas I'm hard core raw so the Rainbow Roll gives me the raw option and her the ability to take off the raw option. This is a sushi restaurant staple and was as good as any I'd eaten before.

The Tropical Summer Roll was our opportunity to try something new. This roll has tuna, coconut shrimp, greens, avocado and some other stuff wrapped in rice paper. It's served with a strawberry type sauce and was a surprise win for us. It was all around good. The flavors of the ingredients were all present and the strawberry sauce was a great complement.

For the two rolls, dumplings, and drinks our total came to less than $30 with tip. Not a bad price for sushi. Plus, its in a great location over on Camp Bowie and it really feels like a place you can call your own. The servers and owners are friendly and seemed to know their regulars.

If you've been before, share the rolls to try. If you haven't been, you're missing out.

Tokyo Cafe is at 5121 Pershing Avenue, next to Fazekes fitness.

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Walt said...

I live about two blocks from Tokyo Cafe, and it has officially become my "go to" restaurant. It's a great deal, regardless of what you get, and there is enough on the menu not to get tired of it. My personal non-sushi favorite is the teriyaki chicken bowl. It's a perfect portion for lunch or dinner and only costs $5.95. Can't beat that. I would highly suggest paying this place a visit.

hennon said...

RE: "Unfortunately Tokyo Cafe has no Aggie themed rolls.", the question du jour must be: "Why Not"? (Read: Marketing Opportunity!!!)

My family & I have been fans for years...and our 9 year old son loves their sushi!

Now that I know more about the ownership's alma matter, I'm even more of a fan!

- Hennon (TAMU '84)

dtran said...

I absolutely adore this place!! You MUST try the beef bowl! It will change your life :-)

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

I knew there would be some long time fans.

dtran, I'm going to take your suggestion to heart. Thanks for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

We're weekly regulars and just love Jarry and Mary! One of my favorite unique rolls is the Wasabi Crusted Salmon Roll (although I sub out the raw salmon for smoked). It's is D-lish!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE Tokyo Cafe. Mr. Fort Worthology and I used to eat there almost weekly. The avocado roll is delicious! Their sushi rice is always so fresh-tasting. The veggie bowl and miso soup are also amazing!

Ginny said...

I love me some Spice Girls Roll.

Lindsey said...

I'm not sure if you've tried this place out yet, but you should!

It's in a gas station, but good. I'm sure you would be able to give a fun review for this place!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Lindsey, I haven't been but I'll be going soon. I just wish it was in Fort Worth.

Ginny, the owners said that if you sing "If you want to be my lova" when eating your roll, its free.

Stephanie said...

Mr. Fort Worthology went the Tokyo Cafe last weekend and tried the Edamame Hummus. I guess it's new, and it's amazing! It's served with yucca chips, whatever those are. Also, the Spring Salad is awesome--it comes with grilled pineapples and pine nuts!

Kimbo said...

Spicy beef bowl all the way!!!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Kimbo, I whole-heartedly agree with you.

Tokyo Cafe seems to be getting more and more crowded everytime I drive by. Good stuff for them.