Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yum Yum Truck

Fort Worth is catching a truck fever.  And the only cure?  Antacid.  No, wait.  Going to a food truck is the only cure.

Behind the Texas de Brazil in downtown sits a colorfully pastel truck selling breakfast tacos, burritos (a yum yum per the menu) and hamburguesas.  And its cheap.  The low overhead of operating a small rolling kitchen allows Yum Yum to sell lunch for about five bucks.  Also, this is the one exception in Fort Worth, where you don't get arrested for enjoying a five dollar pimped out yum yum.

I recently took a trip to the Yum Yum truck and had a number of revelations.  First, their burgers and pimped out yum yums are awesome. Second, there are more places to sit in downtown and eat lunch then I realized.  Finally, I'm a lot of people's guinea pig - and I can't tell if its because of the blog or because they want me to die early. 

At breakfast, Yum Yum offers breakfast tacos ($1.50), yum yums ($4.50) and quesadillas ($4.50).  You can fill them with your choice of meats, pick a type of tortilla, pimp your yum yum (pick some fillings and sauce) and then find a place to sit and enjoy.  At lunch they have yum yums ($4.99) and burgers ($4.99).  The process is the same for the lunch burritos.  With the burger you can pick your toppings and it comes with fries.  I don't know if you get to pimp your burger.  You can also make your yum yum a monster for an extra two dollars.

I went with the missus who had heard the burgers were good.  In order to varietize our life, she got the burger and I tried the yum yum.  Both were awesome, but she out ordered me by the length of a french fry.  My yum yum was in a chipotle flavored tortilla and it was filled with steak and pimped out with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, the Santa Fe corn mixture, lettuce, cilantro, cheese and pico.  I also ordered a side of guacamole sauce which garners their highest spicy rating of three little peppers (according to the menu).  A secret inside source told me that sometimes the guacamole sauce is unbearably hot and sometimes its completely mild. 

The yum yum was very flavorful although the tortilla seemed lacking for a chipotle flavored tortilla.  The meat was tender and delicious.  I think if the guacamole sauce was inside the yum yum, it would have been fantastic and much closer to the burger in awesomeness.  The sauce was not overly spicy and it was very well flavored.  But beware - apparently it can be hot.  The Santa Fe corn mixture was a standout in the yum yum and added a lot of flavor.  The yum yum was the size of a fully grown miniature dachsund and well worth the $5.

The missus had the cheese burger.  The burger itself is not huge, but when loaded up with lettuce, tomato and onion, it becomes a behemoth of deliciousness.  Everything about the burger is fairly normal, except the patty which has been seasoned and flavored with a unique group of spices.  It tastes exactly like burgers I have had down in the central part of Mexico and it is fantastic.  I mentioned above that my yum yum could have possibly approached the burger in awesomeness, but it would have been difficult.  If you go - try the burger.  It also comes with fries that weren't crispy but were well cooked and delicious.  I'm normally a crispy fry guy but these were good.

Second, where to sit.  When you get your burger or yum yum you need to sit down to fully enjoy it.  Based on the location, many people are getting their food and returning to their workspace cubicles, offices, or jail cells.  But I suggest you find another place.  Within a few blocks of walking, there is the County plaza building which has terraced seating at Weatherford and Taylor.  Down the hill to the North is the river and benches that allow you to sit and chat with homeless people.  You can probably sneak into the Tarrant County College building and sit somewhere as long as you look hip and young and have earbuds in your ears.  You can sit near the panther in front of the courthouse, or you can go sit on the sidewalk and yell at passerbys.  All of these opportunities await you.

Finally, I've had at least a half dozen people ask me to try this out to make sure they don't die when they go.  As of 72 hours post yum yum, I'm still alive.  One day this will not be the case and many of you will be slightly disappointed - that you can't go eat at the restaurant.

So, if you're adventurous, have some cash, and need a good quick meal, check out the Yum Yum truck.

Currently the Yum Yum truck is situated at the corner of Throckmorton and Belknap in the northwest corner of the parking lot behind Texas de Brazil.  I think it sits there from 7-2, Monday-Friday.  They only take cash and have no seating available.

If you've been let me know what you think. 

I think there is currently a facebook coupon for $1 off.  Cheapest pimped out yum yum on the west side of I-35.

EDIT from 11/13/10
As of November 8th-ish, the Yum Yum Taco truck has taken up residence at the corner of Weatherford and Throckmorton, on the street level of the parking garage on the north side of Weatherford.

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Pia said...

I've seen that truck and wondered about it. My co-workers and I plan to try it next week. I'll let you know how we like it. I just found your blog and absolutely LOVE it! I'm a Foodie from way back so I've been to most of the places you've tried. I think it's awesome that you tried Granny's Tacos, it is a true hole in the wall. Good food but a little scary.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks for the tip. Look forward to trying it.

Louanne said...

I will have to give this a shot.

Anonymous said...

i tried the yum yum today. Had the yum yum burrito, and it was awsome.We will be going back.

Kathryn King said...

i had a bowl several weeks back. not dead yet :) i really REALLY enjoyed it. will have to try a hamburguesa next :)

Anonymous said...

I have had the yum yum burrito, the burrito bowl, and attempted the monster burrito! the homemade sauces are amazing and the food quality is out of this world! this place is a MUST TRY!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!

Jay said...

I just saw the Yum Yum truck in the arts district today alond with the Yum Yum girls which are always a bonus! Great food, and great customer service.

Louanne said...

Okay I took my 4 year to the downtown library today and decided it was time to go to the YUM YUM truck.


Becuase I was going to share with my 4 year old I went for 2 lunch tacos. We got the brisket taco and the carnitas with jack cheese, grilled onions, grilled bell peppers and lettuce.

The beef was a little fatty for me and my 4 year old gave it a thumbs down. Flavor was good it's just that the meat was fatty.

The carnitas on the other hand had us both making little yum sounds.

I wish I could go back for more right now, but unfortunately my child needs a nap. YUM!

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Thanks for all the comments. If you know of any other trailers, let me know. There is a place called Taco Heads behind 7th Haven that I'll be getting too soon.

Anonymous said...

You should also try Salsa Limon next door to the Cellar/across from Fuzzy's on Berry.

Steph said...

I love this place! I don't know why people are scared of a pink and orange food truck! They will gladly make burritos and bowls without meat (or cheese) for the herbivores among us. There is also now a second Yum Yum truck at 10th and Taylor by the Federal Building.

Anonymous said...

Salsa Limon is AWESOME!! And they take credit cards now!

Anonymous said...

I tried the big burrito with shredded beef. I could not eat it. It was pure salt. But I gave them another chance with the burger and fries. The fries were limp and drenched in oil, not crisp in other words and they have better burgers at 7th Street Cafe right up the street. Oh, and I waited 30 minutes for my burger. Nope. Not again.

Anonymous said...

You need to try:
Charley's Old Fashioned Hamburgers
4616 Granbury Road
Fort Worth, TX 76133-1212
(817) 924-8611

So good!

Anonymous said...

Where is hum time truck I can't find it and i am about to loose it