Friday, November 12, 2010

La Tortilandia

Awhile back I asked for places that served torta ahogadas.  La Tortilandia received a number of recommendations so off I went in search of a drunken torta.  I've since made another trip to broaden my horizons and below is the tale spun from those experiences.

La Tortilandia is east of 8th Avenue, on Berry Street.  It is surprisingly nice on the inside, but don't let that concern you - the prices are still very low on the lunch and dinner menu.  Lunch prices ranged from $4.50-6.50 for large plates of food with a lot of unique options.  The remaining menu was very expansive and seemed reasonably priced as well.  Also, the restaurant owners are big supporters of the Frogs - which is evidenced by their large TCU flag.  So if you don't go, you obviously support boise state - commie smurf.

As suggested, on my first trip I tried the torta ahogada which wasn't on the menu.  It consisted of a piece of their sandwich bread, topped with shredded pork, then topped with another slice of sandwich bread.  The entire dish was covered in a very spicy tomato sauce and topped with melted cheese.  I had mentioned in my Torta Ahogada post that the drunken torta was a favorite of mine in the past.  Its been awhile since my last drunken torta in Mexico, but this one seemed to be close to what I remembered.  It was a bit too salty, but the spicy sauce, sopping wet bread (not as gross as it sounds) and delicious pork met the standard.  I don't think they normally come with cheese though.  I'd recommend trying it but beware that it is very spicy.

On the second trip, I was joined by a small contingency of the most powerful people in Fort Worth - people who know me.  Two of the guys tried the lunch sampler platter which included ceviche nachos, cheese stuffed jalapenos, some fried shrimp and a couple other items.  They liked the dishes and the food looked good. 

The other two of us had a lunch plate with two enchiladas and a chalupa.  I had chose the beef enchiladas, covered in a red sauce.  The sauce was very rich and flavorful without too much spice.  They were really fantastic.  The chalupa was a surprise because it was actually very good and not a throw away like many places.  Plus it came with chopped jalapenos on top.  It added a nice spice.  Note that the lunch doesn't come with rice or beans.  The other lunch mate had the same meal I did, but went with one chicken and one beef enchilada.  The chicken enchilada was covered in a green sauce that was reported as tangy with a hit of spice at the end.  He said that was a good thing.  He also ordered a bowl of beans which he thought were good.  In case his wife is reading this, no, he didn't eat the entire bowl of beans.

The lunches were great all around.  The chips and salsa were also really good and the salsa was moderately spicy.

Check the place out at lunch time for a really cheap meal.  Also, let me know what you think.

La Tortilandia is located at 1112 West Berry.

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Adam L said...

Quick question. Is the red sauce you had on the enchiladas the traditional red gravy-type sauce or chili con carne?

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Adam, it was the red gravy type sauce. Delicious stuff.

Ashley said...

Love Tortilandia, it has always been a favorite for breakfast. Gorditas, breakfast burritos and migas being tops.

Have you tried Tortas La Hechizera on Hwy 80? I meant to recommend it a while back but forgot. Obviously they specialize in tortas, but also have great tostadas and more. I really like it, the food is fresh and the servings are large.